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Boarding is probably one of the coolest ways to get around, but it takes quite a bit of practice to get used to! A few boarding lessons are the ideal way to kick start your way into the wonderful world of skateboarding or mountain boarding, ensuring you get a hang of the motion and movement of the board, and even pick up a few impressive tricks along the way!

With these lessons and experience days you will be shown the very basics by a seasoned skater, or if you are already a skater yourself, you can work on some brand new tricks so that you can really start to show off!
Land Boarding - One Day Intro Course Weymouth

Land Boarding - One Day Intro Course Weymouth

Location: Portland (Dorset)
Price for 1 participant:
View Land Boarding - One Day Intro Course Weymouth
Beginners Introduction To Mountain Boarding Experience in Ware

Mountain Boarding Introduction - Hertfordshire

Location: Ware (Hertfordshire)
Price for 1 participant:
View Mountain Boarding Introduction - Hertfordshire
Land Boarding - One Day Intro Course in Poole
Price for 1 participant:
View Land Boarding - One Day Intro Course - Dorset
Comprehensive & Enjoyable Two Day Land Boarding Course in Hampshire

Land Boarding Course (Two Day) - Hampshire

Location: Fareham (Hampshire)
Price for 1 participant:
View Land Boarding Course (Two Day) - Hampshire

Board Sports Activity Days

Skateboarding was invented some time in the 40s or 50s, when a bunch of bored surfers in California decided to experiment when the water was too flat to go out and catch waves!

Somebody terribly resourceful came up with the idea of attaching some wheels to wooden boxes or boards, and skateboarding was born! Over time, the boards - and indeed the whole sport - became more refined, and boarding became one of the coolest, most widely practised extreme sports in the world. You can now take it a step further and enjoy mountain boarding, which is like snowboarding but with wheels on grass. Pick up some serious speed as you hurtle down the hillside with the wind in your hair! 

Land Boarding has recently exploded in popularity and it's not hard to see why; mixing features of kitesurfing, snowboarding and skateboarding, landboarding combines all the fun of flying a kite with the action of riding an off-road board. Harnessing the wind's power is great fun and hugely rewarding when reaching high speeds, as well as being a fantastic workout. Check out Experience Days' wonderful range of landboarding experiences and give it a go now - see how far you come!  

Mountain Boarding, sometimes called All-Terrain Boarding (ATB), is an awesome activity which will give you a thrilling surge of adrenaline as you zoom down a hill on a skateboard or longboard. Similar to snowboarding and skateboarding, mountain boarding has boomed in popularity recently, and now you can join the craze with Experience Days! Bombing down slopes and pulling off stylish tricks is an experience that must be tried to be believed – so check out the different mountain boarding activities here at Experience Days and see which one is for you: 

The Mountain Boarding Experience in Redhill is a superb full day lesson which will give you a fun and comprehensive introduction to this fantastic sport. Perfect for those who are interested in taking the sport up properly and want a good foundation of knowledge and practice, you’ll be learning how to mountain board at the fantastic slopes of Ride the Hill. With all equipment and expert tuition included, you’ll be able to experience the fast-paced adrenaline of the giant off-road boards for an entire day! 

These boarding lessons are ideal for new boarders and seasoned skaters alike, and you will get as much from your boarding lesson as you put in. The instructors are not just experts at what they do, but they are passionate about skating, and the lifestyle that goes with it. They will happily impart their wisdom over the hour long lesson, and will move at a pace that suits you!