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Indoor skydiving experiences are perfect for you if you’re fascinated with skydiving but aren’t sure you’re quite ready to take the plunge! Skydiving is the world’s number one extreme sport, but due to jump locations and prices it isn’t always accessible to everyone. Indoor Skydiving is a wonderfully enjoyable and exhilarating activity that can be enjoyed by everyone … are YOU ready to step into the wind tunnel and experience genuine freefall? The ideal experience gift for a loved one or a fantastically unique activity to enjoy yourself.

Indoor Skydiving Experiences

You may not have realised that indoor skydiving is even possible … well, now is the time to get familiar with it! Using a hugely powerful wind tunnel, you will step right into the airflow and be able to experience freefall. The only difference is that you haven’t actually made the jump, but this makes it no less thrilling! Indoor skydiving is a fantastically realistic introduction to the most extreme sport there is; it is an immensely enjoyable activity in its own right that combines all the fun of zorbing with the intense adrenaline hit from a bungee jump to create one incredible experience!

You can have a go at the Indoor Skydiving Kick Start experience at Manchester, Basingstoke and Milton Keynes; step into the flow of the wind tunnel for 2 x 1 minute flights and experience the rush of freefall! In each of your one minute flights, you will fall a distance equivalent to 2 miles as the 120 mph winds keep you suspended. You will receive expert instruction in the tunnel from your instructor and can also take home a DVD of your experience if you wish … not that there was any danger of you forgetting!

You can take your experience to the next level with the Indoor Skydiving Airborne, where you’ll get to try out different moves and positions in the wind tunnel with two 120 second sessions of freefall! You will receive expert instruction in the tunnel to improve your technique, so this is ideal for those who seriously want to experience outdoor skydiving. This is fantastic experience that will give you a total of ten minutes flying time – plenty of time to see which skydiving techniques work best for you!

Indoor Skydiving is a brilliant new craze that allows you to feel the remarkable sensation of freefall … so treat someone to a wonderful experience gift they will remember for the rest of their life or put your own nerves to the test today!