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Believe it or not, land yachting has been around in more primitive forms since ancient Egyptian times - it seems that adventurous souls have been experimenting with extreme sports for some time! Land yachting is like an ingenious fusion of motor racing and sailing, done on beautiful sandy beaches all over the UK!

Harness the power of the wind as you sit in your land yacht, inches off the ground, and hurtle along the beach at speeds of up to 40mph, safe in the knowledge that no brakes is no problem, as you will have received expert instruction, and will be fully in control!
Speedsailing Experience For Two In Cornwall

Cornwall Speedsailing Experience For Two

Location: Penzance (Cornwall)
Price for 2 participants:
View Cornwall Speedsailing Experience For Two
2 Hour Private Blokart Experience In Cornwall

Blokart Experience In Cornwall - Private Tuition

Location: Penzance (Cornwall)
Price for 1 participant:
View Blokart Experience In Cornwall - Private Tuition

Land Yachting Experience Gifts

Land yachting is a really fantastic, thrilling extreme sport. You will build up some serious speed, going up to 40mph, as your wheeled land yacht catches the wind and travels up to 4 times its speed!

Land yachting, or land sailing, will work best where conditions are windy and the terrain is flat, meaning that beaches are really the ideal place to learn this exciting sport. Of course, here in the UK we get plenty of wind to play with, so our land yachting locations are second to none! 

We have a selection of really superb land yachting experiences in Kent and Scotland, that will have you blasting your way up and down a beach with the wind in your sails, and your bottom skimming the sand, in no time!

Kent is a wonderful land yachting location, as the wide, flat, long beach at Camber Sands gives you plenty of space to really catch the wind and build up some slightly terrifying speed! The instructors at the Camber Sands land yachting school are highly experienced and very friendly, and will have you feeling comfortable with your craft in no time.

We also offer a superb Scottish land yachting experience at St Andrews in Fife. With no shortage of blustering gusts of wind in Scotland, you will be able to pick up plenty of speed and really race along this ideal strand.