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Stand Up Paddleboarding, or SUP as it is often known, is the latest trend to take the water sport world by storm. It’s the perfect combination of testing your fitness whilst also spending a day out on the water; making it easy to understand why it has become so popular.  SUP can still be enjoyed in the autumnal months (you may want a wet suit though), so there is no excuse to not try it out. Read on to find out more about all things SUP…

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The definition and origin of SUP has caused quite some controversy over time, however all SUP lovers can agree on two things that have always remained the same; a surf-style board and a long paddled ore. Ancient cultures from Africa to South America have always used long boats and spears to fish, travel and surf, and it’s thought this is SUP’s true origin – and arguably even surfing’s! After a day of hard grafting, fishermen used to ride waves on their journey home for fun, and thus a new water sport was born.


The SUP we recognise today has a strong Hawaiian influence. This came from surf instructors in the 1940’s, who would stand on their boards and use the support of paddles to steer in the right direction in order to gain a better view of the surfers. SUP roots can also be traced back to Tel Aviv, Israel, where lifeguards would use the boards to paddle out to swimmers in difficulty and come to their rescue (maybe not quite Baywatch style).

As well as the attraction of trying a novel sport, SUP has multiple health benefits. It is a great alternative to going to the gym, but still allows paddlers to work towards that six pack and achieve better core strength. Your cardio workout will be done for the day if you spend enough time out on the water, or even race against your friends to really get your heart pumping; you’ll even catch some extra vitamin D and hopefully top up your tan – result!


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about SUP as much as we enjoyed researching it, and have encouraged you to give it a try. Here at Experience Days we have a range of SUP experiences to suit your every paddleboarding need, so make this year the year you discover a new hobby!


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