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A skid control experience is not just a lot of fun, but can give daring drivers some really useful advanced driving skills. Drivers will get an intense introduction to car control when conditions are hairy and scary! These driving experiences will lead to better, safer driving and road skills in all driving conditions, from heavy rain to ice and snow, and loose surfaces.

Ideal for anyone who wants to work on their advanced driving skills, one of our skid pan training experiences will have them handling their car in the most challenging of scenarios!
4 Hour Stunt Driving Experience in Birmingham

Birmingham Stunt School - Half Day Experience

Location: Birmingham (West Midlands)
Price for 1 participant:
View Birmingham Stunt School - Half Day Experience
Rally and Skid Driving Day at KnockHill in Scotland

Rally Skid Combo Experience at KnockHill

Location: Dunfermline (Fife)
Price for 1 participant:
View Rally Skid Combo Experience at KnockHill
£255 £235

Skid Pan and Control Experience Gifts

The purpose of skid pan driving is to get you confident and comfortable driving in dicey conditions, whether on black ice, wet surfaces, loose and unstable road, or some other challenging scenario, you will learn the advanced car control skills you need to keep yourself safely moving forward. Our skid pan driving experiences are a masterclass in advanced driving that will greatly improve your driving skills, but will also give you a fantastically fun driving experience!

The skid driving experiences will retrain your brain, and teach you why, when your car begins to lose control, what you often need to do to keep control of the situation is the exact opposite of what your brain (and normal driving experience) tells you to do! The expert skid pan driving instructors will explain why this is, how your car behaves when it is skidding, and what you need to do to keep it on track. From tracking on slippy roads (black ice etc), to steering into a skid, and keeping control of a car in oversteer and understeer, you will gain some serious driving skills with a skid pan driving experience.

We offer skid pan driving experiences at a number of driving venues throughout the UK, so wherever you live, you won't have too far to travel to enjoy a high octane, fun, and very useful skid control driving experience.