Experience Days partners with industry leading activity providers to bring a little adventure into our customers’ lives. From skydiving centres to spas, from hang gliding instructors to hot air baloon companies, we build long term relationships with all our partners. Our aim isn’t to compete with you, but to introduce new customers from the gift market that you may not normally reach.

About Experience Days

How We Work

At Experience Days, we work with top activity providers to offer gift vouchers for some of the UK’s best experiences. Over the years, we’ve built lasting partnerships with a whole variety of businesses—both large and small—and the list is still growing!

When a potential partner contacts us, we help them decide which activities to list, before passing these on to our team of product writers. They then create unique content that speaks to our customers—and sells your experience!

We’re not a discounts site, so we won’t undercut you. Our retail prices match yours, and there are no fees to join or add a new activity. We just pay you an agreed wholesale rate for every experience booked using one of our gift vouchers.

It’s simple, really. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today!

The Process

How It Works

Once an experience is live on the site, it becomes part of Experience Days’ incredible range of activity gift vouchers. Our customers can search these listings by location, activity type and price—and when they find what they’re looking for, we email or post vouchers to them right away.

1 A customer purchases a voucher from the Experience Days site and recieves it via email or post. We do our best to ensure our retail prices match those of our partner. Vouchers may be bought as a treat for the purchaser or, more likely, a gift for someone else. Either way, the next steps are always the same.

2 The voucher’s recipient activates it via the Experience Days site. Prior to activation, all vouchers are fully exchangeable. Once their voucher‘s activated, the customer receives an email which includes the partner’s contact details and a unique booking reference. They then contact them to book a date/time directly.

3 Our partner verifies the customer’s booking reference via their account on the Experience Days site. Our team are always happy to assist if necessary. Once the customer’s booking is confirmed, they’re subject to the partner’s terms & conditions regarding cancellations, rescheduling etc.

4 The customer attends their experience and has an amazing time, of course! Our partner invoices us for the agreed wholesale price (retail price minus agreed sales commission). Invoices are handled promptly by our accounts team according to the partner’s payment terms. And that’s that!

  • No fees for adding experiences to our site
  • No recurring fees ever
  • No extra costs for changes or additions
  • No cost for promotions or additional marketing exposure via blogs and social media

Your Benefits

Why Work With Us

  • New Customers & Additional Revenue
  • No marketing, sales or fulfilment costs related to Experience Days customers
  • Opportunity to sell additional products and services for incremental revenue
  • Opportunity for repeat business
  • Potential for additional “word of mouth” testimonials and sales
  • Being a part of a growing network of quality providers nationwide









As Seen In

Publications About Us

Over the years, Experience Days have appeared in some of the country’s most respected publications. We’ve even collaborated with Guinness World Records on the world’s highest dunk of a biscuit (in tea)!

Get In Touch

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Online Sales

How We Market

Experience Days invests significant resources into online marketing. We rank very well in organic searches in the major search engines for industry gift terms (“Experience Days", “Experience Gifts", “Experience Vouchers" etc.) as well as individual experience terms (“Helicopter Tours", “Bungee Jumping", “Flying Experiences" etc.).

Plus, we also execute targeted pay-per-click marketing campaigns to help customers find our site. We have the largest social media following in the gift experience industry (60,000+ Facebook Fans) and run regular promotions and competitions to engage and grow our audience.

We market so you don't have to.


What Are The Costs

As a guide, we generally agree a wholesale price with our activity providers 15% to 30% below their retail price.

The wholesale rate enables us to attract and fully satisfy both customers and activity providers with the best possible service, it is not used to provide discounted buying opportunities to customers.

There are no start-up costs or recurring fees.

We are not a daily deals site

We don’t ask you to heavily discount your products and we don’t offer them at a discount on our site. We’re a long term partner and don’t engage in short term offers that cost you money.

No long term contracts

We don’t ask you to sign a long terms commitment. All we ask is a simple acknowledgement that we can sell your experiences on your behalf and agree a price. Either party is free to leave at any time.

We provide the customer, you provide the experience. That’s it.