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Frequent Voucher Redemptions, Exchanges and Extensions Questions

How can I redeem my voucher?

To redeem your voucher, please follow the link titled 'Redeem Gift' at the top of the website.

You will then be able to enter your redemption reference (six numbers followed by six letters, e.g 123456-ABCDEF) and follow the steps to redeem by filling in your details.

Once redeemed, you will receive a booking voucher containing the experience providers direct contact information, as well as instructions to book in your activity.

Can I exchange my voucher?

Yes! You are able to exchange your experience to something more suitable, if you haven’t already redeemed your voucher.

This can be done by simply following the link titled 'Redeem Gift' on our website and logging in and then entering your redemption reference. The function to then exchange your experience will appear, at which point you can choose your new experience to book. 

If your new experience has a lower value, any remaining credit will be added to your online account and expire on the same date as your original voucher. If your new experience has a higher value, you will be able to pay the difference online. 

Can I extend my voucher?

Provided your voucher is still in-date and has not been extended before, you are welcome to extend for a further 12 months for a fee of £20. This will add an extra year onto the voucher's original expiry date. You must process your extension prior to the voucher's current expiry, and once a voucher has been extended, it cannot be extended for a second time. 

To extend, you can call our customer service team on 0845 862 9911 or click on 'REDEEM GIFT' at the top of the homepage. Enter your redemption reference, click 'REDEEM CERTIFICATE', and 'EXTEND'. You'll then be prompted to enter your payment information. 

I have already redeemed my voucher, but I now wish to do something else. Can I exchange for a different activity?

Unfortunately, once a voucher has been redeemed or exchanged once, it cannot be exchanged again. This is because you now have a valid ticket for your experience. 

Frequent Complaints Questions

Where can I make a complaint about the activity provider?

If a problem is encountered at the experience venue, please bring it to the attention of the manager or activity co-coordinator of the partner centre, enabling them the chance to resolve the issue. 

If you would like to bring the issue to our attention, you are free to email any written complaints to

Please refer to section 10 of our T&C's for more information.

I have a complaint to make with the Experience Days service, how do I do this?

If you have a complaint with Experience Days, please email

For more information, please refer to section 10 of our T&C's

Frequent Delivery Options & Email Confirmation Questions

I received an e-certificate but seem to have deleted or lost it in my emails. Can you resend my voucher?

If you are able to provide us with the original purchase and delivery details of your order, our customer service team will be happy to look into re-sending your e-voucher.

How will my Gift Voucher be delivered?

You can receive your gift voucher as an e-certificate by email, or a physical voucher by post.

Email delivery is free and instant. Physical gift vouchers are delivered by First Class Post (1-3 working days) or by Next Day Delivery.

Please check our delivery options for the latest delivery fees.

Frequent Expiration and Expired Vouchers Questions

Does my Gift Voucher have an expiry date?

All Experience Days vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Experiences must be booked and taken prior to the expiry date. The expiry date will always be printed on the back of the gift card, or on the e-certificate (depending on which you have received).

Can I extend my voucher?

Prior to the expiry date, and provided it has not been extended before, vouchers can be extended for an additional 12 months for a £20 administration fee - this can be completed on our website or over the phone.

In order to extend a voucher (if it has not yet been redeemed), you will need to enter your voucher code under the link 'Redeem Gift'.

The function to "extend" your voucher will then appear.

If you have already redeemed your voucher, you will need to contact our customer service team on 0845 862 9911.

Frequent Product Buying Questions

How can I check availability for an experience?

To check availability for an experience prior to buying or redeeming your voucher, please contact our customer service team. 

Frequent Refunds Questions

Am I able to receive a refund for my gift voucher?

Provided your voucher has not been redeemed online, vouchers can be refunded free of charge within 14 days of purchase.

Refunds up to 28 days will incur a 20% administration charge. After 28 days, unfortunately we are unable to refund any purchases. Once your voucher has been redeemed online, we are unable to refund the gift voucher even if your request falls within the 28 days.

For more information, please see T&C's: Section 9. Refunds.

Am I able to receive a refund for my EX booking?

Once a voucher has been redeemed, unfortunately we are no longer able to issue a refund. This is due to the redemption process creating an active ticket for your chosen experience.

Frequent Voucher Validity Questions

How long are vouchers valid for?

All Experience Days vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Experiences must be booked and taken prior to their expiry date.

Am I able to extend the validity of my voucher?

Prior to the expiration date, and provided it has not been extended before, Experience Days vouchers can be extended for an additional 12 months for a fee of £20.

All extensions are for a further year, and vouchers can only be extended once.

Frequent Activity Restrictions & Insurance Questions

How can I see the activity restrictions?

Restrictions appear within the activity descriptions online. Restrictions will also be displayed during the redemption process of your gift voucher.

Frequent Bookings Questions

How can I book my experience?

In order to book your experience, you will firstly need to redeem your voucher here. Once redeemed, you will receive a booking voucher to your email address containing instructions to book in your experience.

Frequent Cancellation & Injuries Questions

My experience has been cancelled due to no fault of my own. Can I have a refund?

If an experience is cancelled by the provider due to unforeseen circumstances, such as the weather or equipment malfunction, you would simply be entitled to reschedule the date. Because a valid ticket has been generated, you would not be entitled to a refund.

Frequent Lost Voucher Questions

I have deleted my E-Certificate by accident. Is there a way I can have another one sent out?

Yes! We are able to re send your E-Certificate to the original email address, just contact our customer service team and we'd be happy to help.

Frequent Payments Questions

Do you accept PayPal?

When at the checkout there is an option to pay by card, or with PayPal.

Frequent Charity Schemes Questions

I have a charity request. How can I get in touch?

For full details on the Experience Days charity scheme, please see here.

To submit a charity request, fill out the contact form here, or alternatively email and a member of our charity team will be sure to get back to you.

Frequent Account and Login Information Questions

It says I have an account already but I'm not sure what my password is?

In order to reset your password you'll need to enter your e-mail address in the log in section here and click 'Forgotten Password'. A new password will be sent to your e-mail address so please check your inbox, junk and spam for this. You'll need to refresh the webpage and enter the code into the password tab. Once you have logged into your account, you can then change the password to something more memorable if you wish to do so.

Frequent Marketing Questions

Where can I get in touch about marketing opportunities?

Please email or complete the contact form shown to get in touch.