Paddleboarding Taster Session - Warwickshire

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Give Stand Up Paddleboarding a try with this 2 hour group taster session in Warwickshire.

  • Leamington Spa (Warwickshire)
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£ 39

Paddleboarding Taster Session - Warwickshire

Give Stand Up Paddleboarding a try with this 2 hour group taster session in Warwickshire.

Experience the tranquillity of paddleboarding during this taster session in Warwickshire. You’ll learn the skills needed to get to grips with Stand Up Paddleboarding (or SUP) from experienced instructors, so you’re sure to pick up this awesome water sport in no time at all.

Your paddleboarding experience begins when you meet your instructor and the rest of your group at the boating centre on the River Leam. You’ll get kitted out with all the equipment needed and learn the basic techniques of paddleboarding before getting out on the water. Then it’s time to put theory into practise as you test your balance and try standing up on your board. You’re instructor will be on hand to help at every step (and wobble!) of the way. Once you’re feeling confident, you will paddle down the calm stretch of river, taking in the picturesque Victorian gardens and nature reserve on your journey.

Paddleboarding is fast becoming one of the nation’s favourite water sports and makes a great experience gift for anyone who likes to get out doors and experience something new. This SUP taster session is great experience to take alone or with a group of friends, and is the perfect way to learn a new skill whilst having loads of fun!

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The Warwickshire SUP taster usually runs from April until October (subject to availability).


Minimum Age: 14

Participants should be reasonably fit, however being a good swimmer is not necessary as buoyancy aids are worn at all times.


Experience Duration: 02:00

Time Spent at Venue: 02:15

The taster session lasts for approximately 2 hours.

You will need to arrive early in order to get changed/kitted out.

Sessions start at either 10:30am or 18:30pm.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Paddleboarding Taster Session - Warwickshire is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: 7

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

This is a group session and can be shared with up to 7 other participants.

Spectators are welcome to come along and watch you leave from the riverside.

Where is it Located
What to wear

You are advised to wear basic sports clothes suitable for the weather, and that you don’t mind getting wet. Sunscreen and hats are recommended for the summer months, and an extra fleece/jumper for the winter.

Shoes must be worn at all times.

Please also bring a towel and full change of clothes for afterwards.

You'll be provided with buoyancy aids upon arrival.


The SUP session will go ahead in most conditions. For your own safety, very rarely flood conditions may lead to postponement - the venue will contact you if ever a session is postponed.

Average rating: 5 stars out of 5


I booked the paddleboarding session for my wife as a surprise. She can be nervous with water activities, although loves swimming, so I thought that getting some professional tuition would be a real benefit to her confidence in the water. Initially she was quite trepidatious but after seeing the safe area where you begin and seeing the get-up-and-go of the rest of the quite large group she took to the water. The instructors were very supportive and understanding, but also quite matter of fact, so after announcing that we'd all be going pretty much straight onto the river there was no real time for the fear to kick in. I really enjoyed the experience as, although I similarly am not a big fan of the water, it was a real good cardio, muscular and coordination challenge. The instructors give great coaching points and exercises for those that wanted to push themselves a bit harder throughout the session. There were number of dunkers along the river journey, as you would expect, but the water was remarkably warm and given the life jackets you felt perfectly safe. My wife was even able to stand up and join us on a couple of occasions, which was fantastic. For those who lack the core or muscular strength you always have the option of kneeling for stability. All of those in the group at one stage chose to try the standing version though, so that was thanks in part to the staff and their enthusuiasm. The instructors were able to foster a great sense of camaraderie and fun in the group, which numbered around ten. The route had lots of twists and turns, with some floating branches and overhanging trees to manoeuvre around. The water was perfectly calm and the scenery lovely. Can't fault it. Very enjoyable, great tuition, perfect time length and I would love to have another go, perhaps this time with some one-to-one tuition. Give it a go: you won't regret it!

- River Leam
SUP Taster session

Went along on a mild September morning for my SUP Taster session. Was sorted out quickly and efficiently and was on the board, practicing in the marina area. Soon went onto the river, shortly followed by falling into the river but that's the point surely! The instructors were friendly and helpful and the location very pretty. I didn't opt to pay a tenner for a wetsuit and regretted it a bit as the wind picked up, then rain. But it didn't spoil a great couple of hours.

- Kettering
Leam boats - excellent

Very friendly - excellent instructor.

Great instructor

Ade was really friendly and took the time to explain everything. Thank you!

£ 39