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Indoor and Outdoor Rock Climbing and Abseiling Activities

Rock Climbing and Abseiling go hand in hand. What goes up – naturally – must come down. Here at Experience Days, we offer a variety of adventure gifts which push this principle to dizzying heights. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there are experiences – both indoor and outdoor – guaranteed to keep your heart racing. Across the country, you’ll find challenging obstacles to conquer and expert instructors to ensure you do so in absolute safety. Surprise someone with a Rock Climbing and Abseiling voucher today and give them a rewarding gift day out to remember!

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Showing 1 experience


Rock Climbing and Abseiling in Manchester

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  • Darwen, Lancashire

Manchester Beginners Rock Climbing and Abseiling Experience

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Questions & Answers

Yes, some of our products involve an abseil after the rock climb! Please read the product descriptions to find the best experience suited to your needs.

There is no maximum age, however it is requested that participants are of a reasonable level of fitness.