Abseiling Experience Sussex

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This Abseiling lesson in Sussex is a great introduction to a fun and thrilling - but really safe - sport. What goes up must come down, so best be prepared with some new abseiling skills!

  • East Grinstead (West Sussex)
  • Gift Voucher valid for 1 Participant
£ 40

Abseiling Experience Sussex

This Abseiling lesson in Sussex is a great introduction to a fun and thrilling - but really safe - sport. What goes up must come down, so best be prepared with some new abseiling skills!

This abseiling experience is a wonderful 2 hour taster where you have the chance to learn how to abseil in a safe and informal environment. Everybody needs an outlet to de-stress and unwind, and we can guarantee that abseiling is a really great outlet. It often goes hand in hand with rock climbing - after all, what goes up must come down! Even those not too fond of heights find this an exciting and gentle way to face their fears! Safely harnessed and strapped in, you manoeuvre your way down a 33 ft abseil tower.

This abseiling taster lets you learn the basics of an immensely enjoyable sport, under expert guidance and with top of the range safety gear included. If you feel confident, there are a range of abseiling challenges that will test your skills and your nerves, including completing your descent blindfolded!Your day will begin with a safety briefing covering safety issues, the wall or cliff you will be conquering, and the equipment you use for abseiling. Once briefed you will hit the heights and have multiple turns at abseiling down the face of the tower. Abseiling is extremely rewarding because every descent improves your confidence, improving your skill and technique. If you think you’ve got to grips with it and are feeling confident enough, you can even try it blindfolded!

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This course is available on selected dates from March to October.


You should have a reasonable level of fitness.
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Weight:100 kg/16 stone
NB: This is a new age restriction, so any under 18s with vouchers will still be honoured provided they are accompanied by a participating parent or legal guardian.


Experience Duration: 02:00

Time at Venue: 02:15

This experience will last for approx 2 hours

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Abseiling Experience Sussex is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: +10

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

There will be maximum of 12 people taking part in the session, and spectators are more than welcome to come and watch your daring descent!

Where is it Located
What to wear

All abseiling and safety equipment is supplied by the centre.
You should wear suitable comfortable fitting clothing and trainers - denim is not advisable as this can restrict movement.

Due to the nature of the locations, waterproof and warm clothing is advised.


Climbing and Abseiling courses will not be affected by extreme weather conditions.

Average rating: 4 stars out of 5

Abseiling Experience in East Grinstead

I'm scared of heights and did this as part of my 60at60challenges - 60 things I've never done before, to do when I'm 60 and to raise money for charity in the process. To start with I was so nervous, I felt sick with dread climbing the stairs up the tower to do my first descent. My legs were shaking when I reached the top. However Levi, the trainer, was calm and reassuring, and I felt in completely safe hands. His humour and encouragement helped get me through - that, and the thought I couldn't possibly bail out in front of the Brownies who had started abseiling beside our group! My first descent was a bit ragged but I realised I was actually looking forward to doing it again. My reason for giving this a 4 rather than a 5 is because I was disappointed we ran out of time to be able to do a third descent!



A great taster, before a 171 ft Charity Abseil. The instructor helped steady my nerves and now I know I can do it.



Staff friendliness was what really made the experience great.

£ 40