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Bungee Jumping

Take The Plunge And Tandem or Solo Bungee Jump

If you're looking for the ultimate adrenaline-pumping activity, one that will leave you absolutely buzzing for the rest of the day, look no further than a fantastic bungee jump experience. Nothing excites like a bungee from 160ft - or even higher if you fancy tackling the UK`s highest bungee jump at 300ft. With tandem or solo bungees at locations across the UK including Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester and London, this is a brilliant experience gift for a thrill-seeker. Witness the incredible rush of adrenaline as you fall!

Showing 2 experiences


Showing 2 experiences


Chepstow 400ft Bungee Jump

(7 reviews)
  • Chepstow, Gloucestershire

Chepstow's 400ft Bungee Jump, the highest in the UK and set up over a cliff. Extreme!

  • Price for 1 Participant
£149 Learn More >

400ft Tandem Bungee Jump

(0 reviews)
  • Chepstow, Gloucestershire

Take a leap of faith with a friend and experience the thrill of a 400ft bungee jump - the highest in...

  • Price for 2 Participants
£298 Learn More >
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