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Birds of Prey

Bird of Prey Close Encounters and Bird Handling

Birds of prey are among the most charismatic animals on the planet. They’re formidable airborne predators, perfectly adapted to their environment. Humans have utilised their hunting prowess for thousands of years, and, today, falconry can be enjoyed by animal-lovers, young and old. In this section, you’ll find our great range of falconry experiences, in locations across the country. If you know someone who’d enjoy a close encounter with an owl, eagle or falcon – look no further! The experiences listed below give your loved one a chance to meet and fly a variety of majestic birds. They can admire them up-close and in flight as they swoop toward their gloved hand!

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Showing 1 experience


30 Minute Owl Handling Experience in Yorkshire

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  • Bridlington, East Yorkshire

A very hands on experience where you will get to meet the beautiful birds of preys and spend time le...

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