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The arrival of Asian cuisine in Britain dates back to 1842, when treaties such as the Nanking and Peking were established to allow trade between Britain and China. Since then, there has been a steady increase of Asian food outlets, as more people choose to settle in this country, and share the cultural dishes from unexplored areas of the planet. Recently, Chinese food topped a poll of the most loved takeaway in the UK, and now, there’s a high demand for replicating the nation’s favourite Asian dishes in the comfort of the home.

This is where we come in! With a range of Asian cooking classes available, including Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Sushi, it’s easy to re-create your much-loved foods in your own kitchen, and learn all the skills and knowledge to go with it. Whether you want to go specific and specialise in seafood or Dim Sum, or just want to know everything there is about Asian food with a Street Food Cooking Lesson, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Chinese Cooking

As Chinese food is the nation’s favourite takeaway, it’s only appropriate to put it at the top of our list! The climate and landscape in China make it a perfect place for growing rice, and indeed China is known for its abundance of paddy fields. Rice is a staple ingredient in Chinese cooking, as well as being used to make wines, vinegars and beers. Chinese cuisine celebrates aroma, colour, texture and taste, and a clever combination of all of Chinese 2these features makes for a great dish. Other major ingredients include noodles, soybeans and tofu, making it great for people who are keen to work with ingredients they may have not come across before. If you want to learn to cook Chinese food, why not try the Authentic Chinese Cooking Lesson in London. With an emphasis on authenticity, you’ll learn how to cook in the same style as they do in China, rather than the local takeaway. A great addition to an aspiring chef’s repertoire, or as a gift to yourself!

Own a wok but not sure how to use it? The Wok & Roll Chinese Cooking Lesson in London teaches you how to make some of the best dishes possible in your fabulous wok, so you can take the recipes home and make them time and time again. The teachers will help you with their expert knowledge, so you know you’ll be getting the most professional advice available – and the best, tastiest outcomes. A great experience for everyone!

Thai Cooking

In the 1970’s there were four Thai restaurants in London. Now, there are several hundred, showing the vast increase in appreciation for this exotic cuisine. If you have a particular love for Thai food, there’s a whole range of classes available for you to try!Thai 1

Do you dream of being a member of The Curry Club? Do you idolise Pat Chapman and his culinary curry skills? Sounds like you would benefit from a Saturday Morning Thai Cookery Course with Mr. Chapman himself! Spend a fantastic three hours learning specific skills, knowledge and history surrounding Thai food, working with fragrant herbs and spices that make Thai cuisine so distinctive. By the end of the day you’re sure to be an expert in the culinary art, after all, you will have learned from the master.

For those of you who like to keep the weekends free, there’s the ‘Tastes of Thailand’ Thai Cooking Lesson in London, a brilliant three-hour course that teaches you all there is to know about Thai food, and how it’s both healthy and delicious! If you don’t live in the capital, don’t fear, there’s also a Thai Cookery Course in Kent and even a Thai Cookery Masterclass in Glasgow! These classes make great gifts or fun days out to share with friends.

Vietnamese Cooking

Fancy trying something a bit different? With only around one hundred restaurants in the UK, Vietnamese food is a relatively new and unexplored cuisine. If you really want to impress your friends at a dinner party, learn how to make this exotic cuisine and wait for the compliments to roll in. The Full Day Vietnamese Cooking Course in London is an exciting experience because it starts with a tour of London’s Chinatown, a traditional Vietnamese breakfast, and an exploration of a Vietnamese supermarket where you will go in search of fresh ingredients. Then it’s off to the kitchen to learn the techniques and skills you need to create beautiful, Thai 3fragrant food. Best of all, the class ends with a full banquet of your home-prepared Vietnamese delicacies!

If you don’t fancy a full day of cooking, there’s a Vietnamese Cooking Lesson in London that lasts three hours, a perfect amount of time for learning intricate details of how to make stunning, traditional cuisine.

Sushi Cooking

There’s been a HUGE boom in sushi making classes over the past few months, with a whopping twelve classes available from Experience Days. No excuses, these courses are available all over England as well as Scotland! Sushi has a rich and interesting history (dating back to 1336) that is sure to fascinate you throughout the course. Sushi is often described as an art form, and it’s not hard to see why. The bite-sized pieces are presented so beautifully you can tell they’re going to taste just as good as they look; sushi making is a great skill to have under your belt. A fun and exciting gift for people of all culinary skill, find a class near you:

Sushi Making Class, Birmingham

Sushi Making Class, Glasgow

Sushi Making Class, London

Sushi Making Class, ManchesterSeafood 1

Sushi Making Masterclass Workshop, Birmingham

Sushi Making Masterclass Workshop, Glasgow

Sushi Making Masterclass Workshop, London

Sushi Making Masterclass Workshop, Manchester

Sushi Making Masterclass, Bristol

Sushi Making Class, Cambridge

Sushi Making Masterclass, Cambridge

Sushi Making Class, Bristol

If any of these experiences are not to your taste, there are even more Asian cooking classes available. You’re guaranteed to find something you like, whether it’s to increase your culinary knowledge and skill, gift the experience to a friend or just have a fun day out!

Private Japanese Cooking Class, LondonYour Sushi 1

Oriental Seafood and Fish Cooking Class, London

Dim Sum Cooking Lesson, London

Asian Street Food Cooking Lesson, London

Asian Fusion Cooking Class, London


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