On one sunny afternoon, Experience Days took a trip to Rochester, Kent, to complete an incredible microlight flight experience. After what seemed a reasonable time for quite a long-distance drive from Brighton, we arrived to the most scenic airfield I think I’ve ever seen.

Walking closer to the airfield office, we were warmly welcomed to Two Two Fly by Greg and Paul. Greg immediately asked what we would like to complete throughout the trip, as customers are given the choice between a fixed or flex wing aircraft. Charlotte opted for the flex wing, while I chose the fixed wing.

Once we had signed the necessary forms, it was time for me to fly! The engine began and Paul was running through the start-up procedure, mentioning that I was going to take off and land. My immediate reaction was 'how on earth will I be able to pull this off?!' However, Paul immediately put me at ease with his instruction.

Once up in the air, the views were incredible - we could see for miles! We reached at least 1000 feet in the air and were travelling around 70 mph. I couldn’t believe I was controlling this aircraft - of course, with guidance from Paul! I was surprisingly calm for what seemed a daring experience. Paul even managed to show off some tight turns which did make my stomach go slightly - but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

After being in the air for around 20 minutes, we started heading back to the airfield. Our landing was smooth but exhilarating. I must admit, for the majority of the experience, I was pretty speechless - and that’s saying something coming from me!

Once on the ground, it was time for Charlotte to fly! As she prepared by getting into her flying suit, she headed towards her flex wing microlight. Greg ran through the necessary safety instructions while putting on Charlotte's helmet and advising where she'd be sitting. Then she was ready to go! I ran back over to the safety area while watching Charlotte take off. She managed to control the microlight along the runway before taking off and even got to take the controls in the air!

As she flew over the marshlands, sea and beautiful countryside, she also reached an incredible speed and height. Later, finding out that even though Charlotte was around 1000 feet in the air, it didn’t feel anything like it, as she mentioned she felt completely comfortable and safe throughout.

Charlotte's experience was drawing to a close which meant her flex wing microlight was heading straight towards us. This made for perfect moment to capture a few great pictures. Once back on the ground, her smile was beaming.

We thoroughly enjoyed our microlight experience, it was beyond anything we had ever imagined. A huge thank you to Greg and Paul for having us and being incredibly calm instructors, who put us at ease throughout. We will definitely be coming back! 


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