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As we drove over from Brighton to Dorchester, we were eager to try out some 4x4 driving. Having never done it before we had no idea what to expect. Once arriving at the venue, which was located at a beautiful farm, in Dorchester, full of baby lambs, calves and pigs, we noticed the big 4x4 vehicles.

Shortly after arriving, we were warmly welcomed by James our instructor who checked us in and advised what we will be doing within the next hour of the experience along with a detailed but quick safety briefing. Then we were set to go!

James drove first to teach us a few of his driving techniques. As he drove over to the 4x4 course, we had a moment to look at the beautiful countryside views within the area. He was also explaining to us how the automatic gears work and running through how we should drive on this type of terrain. 

Before I knew it, it was my time to drive. I took it slow to begin with and made it to the 4x4 course. Then it was Bex’s time to have a go. We drove over muddy hills, puddles and steep terrain. It was surprisingly difficult to get right and a lot more technique is required then I first thought. However, James was brilliant with instruction and teaching, so we quickly got used to the driving style.

Throughout this driving experience, we took it in turns to try out different parts of this tricky course. Along with this James also thought of some good scenario situations to test us on and what we should do in them. For example, when driving up a steep muddy hill and the wheels get stuck in the mud what should we do? Well, I won’t give it away completely, so you’ll need to try this experience out to find out!

After gaining confidence, Bex and I were thoroughly enjoying our 4x4 driving experience. We even tried out trickier parts of the course, which lead to us getting a little stuck, but we continued to learn throughout.

Once our experience was drawing to a close, we headed back for the car park back over the beautiful hills in Dorchester. We agreed that we would love to be able to complete another 4x4 driving experiences, especially as now we have a new found 4x4 driving confidence.

A massive thank you to Dorset Activities for having us to one of your incredible 4x4 Adventure Experiences and a big thank you to James for your brilliant instruction. We thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot throughout. 


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