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We know that shooting experiences are incredibly popular as an outdoors adventure and make for a fantastic gift.  So, we interviewed David from 3xtreme to find out more about his action-filled day during the Ultimate Shooting Experience In Sussex. From reading this interview you'll get to know a lot more about  the fantastic full day experience, the gun selection they have and what makes this shooting experience so unique compared to others in the UK. 


Q1: Firstly, for anyone who hasn’t participated in shooting experience before, could you explain what happens in your sessions?

This shooting day is a mix of different shooting disciplines, target shooting , clay pigeon shooting and practical shooting. The day accumulates with a 3 gun match, which is set against the clock, so a mix of speed and accuracy is required to do well in the challenge. A stage is set with 25 targets which have to be taking out with three different guns. A pump action shotgun, a semiautomatic M4 machine gun, and a CO2 pistol. If you want to see a good 3 gunner in action just Google 'Keanu Reeves 3 Gun' and you'll see how a bit of practice can turn an actor into a potential 3 gun champion.

Q2: What differentiates your ultimate shooting experience to others?

I don't know another company in the country that offers a day like this one, which is, as varied in these different styles of shooting and that uses as many guns as we do on this day.

Q3: What is the most memorable moment, during one of your full day ultimate shooting experiences?

I think one of my most enjoyable moments of a day we ran last summer was when a 17-year-old young lady who had never shot before outshot the other seven participants on the day all of whom had shot before. She obviously had a talent for shooting that she did not even know about she then went on to join a club and now competes have a very high standard and is enjoying a great new sport.


Q4: You have an impressive number of guns available during the shooting experience, what is the main difference between them all? 

Each gun is different if not in caliber then in the style of the action or the way the gun works. This is so you get a varied experience of the different styles of guns that are available to shoot in this country and get a better understanding of how different actions Will perform.

Q5: As the shooting experience is a full day activity, what facilities do you have for participants to have a break? 

There is a lunch break built into this day and there is a local Tesco store, which is just two minutes down the road, which has all the amenities for a substantial lunch break.

Q6: I know that 3xtreme have a very strong focus on customer service, but how do you tailor a group session so that you help both beginners and professionals get the most out of their shooting experience?

Challenges are set to accommodate different levels of proficiency ranging from the very beginner to the more experienced shooter but this day also offers a very varied choice of disciplines, so even very experienced shooters may not have tried some of the disciplines on offer.


Thank you very much to David for answering our questions about your exciting Ultimate Shooting Experience In Sussex. It's great to hear that you have created a unique shooting experience that fits such an impressive mix of activities in throughout the day for all abilities . 


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