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  • MAY 16, 2018
  • WRITTEN BY: Rebecca Wilkinson
As we entered Upton Country Park - Poole's only Country Park - we walked through the gardens and got to admire the magnificent house, beautiful flowerbeds and woodlands. As we'd arrived at the location for the segway tour quite early, we decided to visit the on-site cafe first. It was lovely that there was an outside seating area to sit in the sunshine and enjoy your food and drink, while you take in the picturesque garden view. 

We then walked back over to the meeting point for the segway tour and were welcomed by our instructor Jeremy. Once everyone in the group had arrived, we were given an introduction to the tour and how to safely work the segways. Then it was time to hop onto the segways and give it a go for ourselves. I was very impressed with the sensitivity of the segways and how - with only the slight push of the handlebar - you'd really get them moving. 

The initial part of the tour included a training stage, which involved gliding the segways around a circle of cones. This was great, as it gave everyone time to get to grips with the techniques and gain confidence before we went out into the park. As the group followed the circuit around, you could really hear the energy and excitement in everyone's voices as they tested the segways. Throughout the training, Jeremy would instruct us to change direction and speed up, which made the training a lot more fun and created a challenge for everyone. Although we all felt confident to go out into the course, we did laugh over the number of cones that had been run over!

Now all the training was completed, it was time to head out into the park on our segway tour. Throughout the tour, we traveled in single file and glided effortlessly around the paths of the estate.  It was amazing to witness the historic and natural side of  Upton Country Park on a modern mode of transport, as we saw the well-kept gardens, extensive lawns, the shoreline of Holes Bay and Upton House. It was no surprise that we all wanted to stop along the way to take some pictures of the views and, of course, ourselves on a segway!

If you're looking for an experience that involves both scenic views and a fun activity, then this Segway Tour Experience in Dorset is definitely one to book! Get the family together for a fun day out,  meet up with your friends and have a real laugh throughout the tour, or go by yourself,  as you'll be joined by a friendly instructor and group of other budding modern explorers.


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