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Snow and Ice Experiences

Ice Climbing, Skiing and Snowboarding Activity Gifts

Enjoy a day of indoor Ice Climbing and experience a rewarding sport, coupled with great challenge! Once you've learnt the skills and techniques, Ice Climbing is a truly fantastic sport that used thought, skill and a lot of patience! Similar in essence to rock climbing of the adventure world, the sport involves a block of ice, some ice picks and yourself - making this an all natural and fantastically enjoyable experience for the relaxing or adventurous thrill-seekers; it's up to you how strenuous you take it!

Showing 2 experiences


Showing 2 experiences

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  • Best Seller

Indoor Ice Climbing Introduction - for 2

(9 reviews)
  • Multiple

Hands-on indoor ice climbing tuition will see you and a lucky companion learn the skills of ice clim...

  • Price for 2 Participants
£75 £89 Learn More >
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Discover Indoor Ice Climbing - Manchester

(6 reviews)
  • Manchester, Greater Manchester

Are YOU cool enough to discover indoor ice climbing? Learn the basics of this thrilling and challeng...

  • Price for 1 Participant
£40 Learn More >
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