• JAN 29, 2013
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In their 2012 Christmas promotional campaign, Experience Days, providers of experience day gift vouchers, gave entrants the chance to pick their preferred prize from a choice of two, for example a 4×4 off-road driving lesson or 4x Rocky Road chocolate slabs.

After the huge success of this campaign, Experience Days is kicking off their 2013 promotions in the same way and are still offering entrants a choice of prize – however, this year the goalposts have moved and the Valentine’s Day competitions are also something of a social experiment.

Will the Valentine’s giveaway reflect a spirit of loving and giving … or of selfish living? Will it be ‘something for two, or just for you’? In the battle of we-time and me-time, what will come out on top? Experience Days aim to find out, by offering entrants the choice of a romantic shared experience or an indulgent solo experience.

Is romance as dead as the millions upon millions of red roses bought every year in February, or do those chocolate hearts still beat? Whether people embrace the holiday and enthusiastically give chocolates, hearts and flowers to their nearest and dearest, or are confirmed sceptics who roll their eyes at the romance, there is no escaping Valentine’s Day. Even the most cynical of people may feel pressured or obligated to buy their loved ones a gift for V-Day, and the competition is set to find out whether this feeling of obligation extends to their Valentine’s competition. Given the choice of winning a romantic meal for two at one of Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurants, or an indulgent pamper day all for themselves, what will people choose?

The results of this Valentine’s experiment will be released shortly after V-Day, once the promotion has finished and the choices of entrants have been tallied.


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