• FEB 25, 2013
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Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s have all been and gone… but what have we got to look forward to and enjoy now? Easter? A birthday?? Well, our aim is to provide you with plenty of entertainment to look forward to in the form of a brand new driving day, and not just any old driving day – one with drifting and donuts, too. Brilliant! To find out more we caught up with Tim, the owner of the Allstars Driving Academy driving school, to ask a few questions.

Hi Tim! Please explain the journey that lead you to Allstars Driving Academy.

We initially got into the business through our passion for driving and our own personal interest. We had an increasing amount of public attendees at live events asking drivers where to get proper, professional drift coaching and drift experiences, which led to our brilliant driving school.

Doing something you love as a job sounds amazing; so what would you say is the best part of the industry or your job?

We love it! Well, the best part of the industry would be the people we meet at all the different venues we visit. I would definitely have to say the smiles on people’s faces after converting track orientated drivers to drift orientated is my favourite part of the job.

How do you keep yourself interested on a daily basis?

Modifying and improving the cars keeps us focused, and really just making the best and, ultimately, the most unique packages for the attendees to our driving days.

Sounds awesome. What has been the biggest or most memorable event you’ve provided?

Where to start? We’ve provided cars for some really exciting and memorable events and people, such as the Discovery Channel’s new programs, wheel dealers and strippers. Oh, and some celebrities and TV personalities too! We also supplied some cars to help break a world record for the most amount of cars continually spinning donuts at one time … it reached 40 motors!

How would you say you get the most from your experiences, or what information can you give us on your practice methods?

Well, our two hour experience is best for people on a budget who want to get a taste or feel of the experience first. If drifting is for you and you want to do more, then a full day is the only option to learn the skills properly, and it’s a great way to enter the world of drifting. Our drivers are always competing in top competitions at internationals events, which really hones their skills and keeps their driving up to speed, which is all good practice for our driving days.

Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you’d like to tell us about?  

We are looking to run more track based driving experiences and gymkhana experiences over the summer, as we now have a fleet of track cars. We’re also really eager to convert some of our full day clients into full time race drivers, as we’ve only had the opportunity to do this with two people so far.


That all sounds amazing, we would love to come and take a spin in a race car! Thanks for talking to us today Tim, we’re so excited to get some of our Experience Days customers out of their family cars and into a donut-spinning, track-drifting, exhilarating Allstar race car! 

If you’re interested in drifting and racing around a course, why not check out what they have to offer?

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Half day drifting session at Brands Hatch in Kent

Introductory taster to drifting at Brands Hatch in Kent



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