• JAN 28, 2013
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We’re already a month into 2013! If you’re finding yourself looking back at 2012 and thinking, ‘what did I do last year?’, we have a brand new, sparkling experience perfect for you to get stuck into … photo-shoots and makeovers! This is your chance to give yourself a new look and to create some wonderful memories with a loved one – or for them. We caught up with Fiona, the owner of Xposure Studios, to find out more.

Hi Fiona, please explain for our Experience Days customers a bit more about your journey as ‘Xposure Studios’ so far.
After a combined experience of 10 years in the photographic makeover industry and seeing the changes needed to be made for a fresh audience, we decided it was about time to put our combined knowledge and skills to good use and open Xposure. Working in a range of studios, and privately in the high fashion spectrum, we could see ways in which the industry deserved an overhaul; no more cheesy soft focus of the 80s – we’re about bringing genuine editorial experiences to the everyday girl. We can work with the way each individual looks to produce the best possible shots for them, as opposed to the generic run of the mill ‘painting by numbers’ shoots produced by so many of the old school studios still in operation. This led us to a very successful and enjoyable first few months, with the majority of our clients coming back with 5 star feedback and recommending us to all their
friends, which we couldn’t be happier with.

What has been the biggest or most memorable photo shoot/event you’ve provided?
As a studio, our most memorable day has to be our first day trading: all the hard work had finally come together and everything went swimmingly. Have a nosy at the show reel and see how it went!

Generally however, on a day-to-day basis, every single day is enjoyable and memorable because all our clients are so different in their personalities, outfit choices and the shots they wish to produce, so things are definitely kept interesting for us!

Is there any ‘inside’ information you can give us? 
Feel comfortable in your own skin! There is no ‘right’ outfit to bring to a photo shoot – the best thing you can bring is your confidence, but don’t worry if it’s hiding somewhere, as the photographers at Xposure are very skilled in bringing out even the shiest clients most confident face. To be honest, it’s very difficult not to feel fabulous after an hour of hair and make-up and getting dressed up in your favourite outfits. Why not bring that dress you’ve been debating about wearing? You’ll be able to see that with a gentle easing in the right direction, and hair and make-up designed to complement you, you can make anything look amazing!

Which experience would you say is your favourite?
The Xposure Makeover Day would probably be our day of choice, as this fits all the aspects of our studio into the one package. With this, clients can combine aspects of our boudoir packages, vintage packages, model portfolios and girly days into one shoot – which is really exciting. The makeover allows clients to have a full makeover with hair, make-up and nails if they wish, and the opportunity for lipstick changes for the more daring outfits; then there’s the full editorial experience with four outfit changes and chances to enhance ensembles with items from our vast prop and costume wardrobe. If that’s not enough, there’s the same day large-screen viewing of the photographs, complete with effects to see your most fabulous side come to life.

Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you’d like to tell us about?
Well, once we’ve photographed every face in Liverpool – twice – we’d love to bring Xposure to other cities in the U.K. and further afield.

In the short term however, we’d really like to start hosting workshops in photography, make-up retouching and styling to give our clients an opportunity to have a go at recreating some of their looks themselves, and continue feeling fabulous long after they’ve left the studio.

Family photos, boudoir and modelling shots, what more could you want!? Thank you Fiona for your time, and we look forward to seeing some more photos in the future.


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