• JUN 6, 2017
  • WRITTEN BY: Leoni Moninska


We’ve received a fantastic review of our Drawing Experience London, run by Minna George Studios

I wanted to provide some feedback for the above day which I attended last year, a retirement gift from work. I’d been drawing and ‘colouring in’ for a while. What I did I did for my own amusement but people reflected kindly on it so I was thrilled with the opportunity to have someone else critique my work but more importantly to help me develop a broader sense of it and how I could develop it further. After a few e-mail exchanges with the delightful Minna, we arranged our day at her studio in Clapham. We’d agreed to explore technique, use of colour, paper and materials and I took along some of my things like watercolours, brushes and pens. Can’t say I wasn’t anxious. I was terrified but immediately welcomed and made at ease through easy discussion about my expectations and a review of some of my work.


Minna had prepared a very detailed agenda for us which we walked through but Minna’s approach here was one hat was very flexible and although well prepared for a structured day was happy to flex this as we moved through. I was quickly at work and under ‘pressure’ for some output. We worked through the morning up to lunch which was very informal and a perfect accompaniment to the day. We explored other artists work online that Minna had picked out for me to illustrate further how I can develop composition and approach. The afternoon was spent on a final piece, bringing together the learning for the morning. Minna worked tirelessly to make me feel at ease, to encourage and shape my output so that I really felt that I had accomplished something very positive and fulfilling from the day.


I really had a super experience from this day. I enjoyed it enormously. Minna was a terrific host and had thought hard about what she could do with me and I felt had pitched the activity and learning to my level, bringing out my skills by developing a more structured approach to my drawing and more confident execution from it. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

We would like to thank Jamie for submitting this wonderful review – we always love hearing about our customers’ experiences, and it’s great to get positive feedback!


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