• JUN 14, 2017
  • WRITTEN BY: Leoni Moninska


This week, we caught up with Hebe from London Bar Consultants. From Gin to Whiskey – LBC have years of experience in what makes quality drinks. Hebe kindly told us a little more about how the company is run, and revealed her favourite things about hosting drinking classes! Keep reading to find out more…

Q. What inspired the creation of LBC?

A. We felt that the industry standards could be higher, and that we could bring a new approach to industry, with more care taken towards staff development, a fresh approach to hospitality and cocktails.

Q. What makes the perfect cocktail?
A. The perfect cocktail is achieved through balance. Be that between dilution or sweet and sour, or any other variable. For me, I’m big into my whiskey cocktails at the moment, anything fresh.


Q. Do you have any funny customer stories to share?
A. We believe in offering a variety of drinks to our guests, encouraging them to try new things. Once a table ordered 6x of the same, so I sent over the team member to encourage them to reconsider and try something new. When that failed, I left the bar to demand they expand their horizons. What group orders six of the same gin? I started by downplaying the significance of the gin they ordered, but was cut short by the most well-dressed of guests, whom, wearing a monocle, introduced himself as the president of one of the world’s largest drink companies, and that he, and his guests would indeed be having 6x of the same gins.

Q. Before taking any of your classes, is there anything the customer should do in preparation?
A. Just relax. We are interpreting history, and so accuracy is not important. What is important is no bull-shit, and enjoying ourselves and the spirits.

Q. Do you have any unique, drink inventions?
A. Everything on our menus.

Q. Which is your favourite masterclass?
A. Whiskey. At the moment whiskey is undergoing an identity change and so it’s so rewarding to watch guests’ attitudes change drastically from rigid preconceived ideas to understanding over the course of the hour and a bit.

Q. Is there anything you would like to add that has not been mentioned?
A. Drink more Irish Whiskey.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Hebe for answering our questions!



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