• OCT 12, 2012
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Jo on the Road’ really threw me in the deep end this time, after cruising around in a beautiful selection of cars at the Goodwood track and speeding around in a Go Kart near Brighton, I found myself in *drum roll* a gym! I can honestly tell you, I haven’t seen one of these in quite a while, I tend to stick to the cycling, dance and snow-sports!

Extreme Fight Skool!

However, if you’re not a gym lover, don’t let that put you off – since this experience I’ve found myself back in the boxing ring training every week! Although you will need some level of fitness, Extreme Element can definitely offer some brilliant fighting experiences to get you fit and healthy, starting with an introductory martial arts extreme experience!

My hour introduction training session to MMA cage fighting with ex-European Ultimate Combat Champion Sol Gilbert started off with a simple warm up, and I was laughing away…until the hard work kicked in. Burpees, kicks, press ups, punches, sit ups, mountain climbers – to name a few!

Moving on to the real MMA training, I’m confronted with some particularly menacing punch-bags and literally thrown into some MMA moves. They do say, the best way to learn, is to do it.

Above on the right I’m learning the basics of ‘grappling’ – a technique used to get the upper hand on your opponent through use of clinching, throwing, holding and trapping.

Being pushed to my limit was hard work, but with Sol’s positive motivation and constant encouragement spurring me on, I found myself working harder than I ever thought I could, which was a huge sense of self success!

Ending with a nice warm down of more bag punching, you will be dying to come back to work on your straight punches and left hooks!

Watch this space for a video from the work out!

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