• OCT 11, 2012
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Experience Days loves to provide exciting, high adrenaline activities, but every now and then we all need some peace and quiet. That’s why we bring you pamper treatments and a chance to de-stress in a soothing spa. Today we caught up with Carol from one of Brighton’s brilliant health spas, to talk about all the wonderful pamper experiences they provide.


Hi Carol, thanks for talking to us today, please just explain your journey in the Spa Industry so far.
I launched the Health Spa in November 2011. As a working Mum I wanted to bring something new to Brighton that would help people like me feel good about ourselves without too much time or effort. I was particularly interested in natural ways of increasing my fitness and general well-being and was drawn to therapies involving light and Oxygen.

After spending a lot of time trawling the internet I came across the Oxy Pod machine which is made in the USA using NASA technology. The machine promotes weight loss, detoxification, relaxation and improved skin tone and condition amongst other benefits but all you need to do is lie in it, chill and listen to music. That I can do!

I then looked in to a form of quick exercise that would complement the Oxy Pod and decided on Pivotal vibration training (as opposed to vibration only such as the more popular power plates found in many gyms) Pivotal vibration training is the original form of training used by the Russian cosmonauts on the space station which played a crucial part in maintaining muscle tone and bone density allowing them to stay in space for over 400 days compared to the US cosmonauts who used conventional training methods and only managed 120 days before being stretchered off unable to walk or support their body weight.

From my own personal experience and success with clients, the vibration training alone and especially combined with the Oxy Pod has toned muscles and lead to sustainable weight loss (I personally have lost 2 stone and dropped 3 dress sizes since I launched and have not engaged in any other form of exercise)

With the body sorted I looked at what alternative therapies were available for the face and came across Oxygen and LED light therapy facials designed to rehydrate and stimulate the skin into improving itself from within rather than using invasive surgery or chemicals. These treatments are proving very popular with the feedback I am receiving being that clients can really feel the difference in the quality of their skin and friends and colleagues have commented on how much more radiant their skin appears

Wow! Sounds like a lot of research. OK so what has been the biggest or most memorable event you’ve provided?
Well, we haven’t been involved in anything major but we did support Brighton’s Next Hot Model competition by providing free vibration training and organic anti-ageing spray tans to the contestants! It was really good fun.

That does sound fun, so moving on to your personal favourite product – any ‘inside’ information you can give us?
I personally use the vibration training everyday as it really wakes you up and gets your circulation and lymphatic drainage system pumping. As for inside information – the Oxy Pod is brilliant after a heavy night as it really detoxes you!

I may have to look in to that! Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you’d like to tell us about?
I am intending to expand the number of vibration trainers that I have as it is proving very popular and as I will shortly have an advert on Juice radio which is very exciting and will bring more clients in. I want to get the message across that our machines are not the same as power-plates and are more effective at toning the muscles whilst being kinder to your joints.

Brilliant! Thanks for talking to us today, Carol. If you’d like to de-stress and feel pampered, check out what we have to offer below:

Anti-Ageing Pampering Package

The full works – six treatments from weight loss to body and facial treatments. The two hour session will have you feeling refreshed and glowing after vibration training, a lipo massage, a facial lift massage, an oxygen facial, a LED light therapy facial and 40 minutes in the oxy pod! This anti-aging pampering package is a perfect way to escape the stress and strain of everyday life, all whilst beating those wrinkles and burning calories!

£128 – Brighton, 2 hours
Brand new technologies to help promote weight loss
6 different indulgent body and facial treatments
3 facial treatments for soft, beautifully young skin

Ultimate Facial Package

If you would prefer to pamper your skin to the max, then this is the experience for you. With a massage, oxygen facial and LED light therapy to help moisturise, you’ll find everyone wanting to feel your unbelievably soft skin! Lasting around 70 minutes, you’ll be dying to come back for more.


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