• NOV 8, 2012
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flying-lssonsLast week, Experience Days brought you piano lessons…this week we bring you a completely different type of lesson. If you’ve ever fancied yourself to be a pilot or dreamt about flying, then this new addition to Experience Days is perfect for you. Helicopter flying lessons in Northern Ireland – whether you want a taster or a 60 minute lesson, this is the perfect way to kick start your flying career. Before you book in though, we wanted to delve into the world of flight and managed to catch up with one of the pilots – Chris Summers.

Hi Chris, please explain your journey so far and how you got your successful business of the ground and into the air!
Aero-Heli established and based in Newtownards Airfield, was founded in April 2009 and started as a small operation with only one Robinson R22 and one Robinson R44 helicopter. The fleet has now since grown and operates from two facilities, in both Newtownards and Toomebridge providing services in Northern Ireland. It’s fleet now comprises of two Robinson R22’s, two Robinson R44’s and a Eurocopter AS350 B3 helicopter, not including contracted helicopters such as Hughes 269, Eurocopter 120, Agusta 109 and Bell 407 aircraft. Whilst the company now offers services such as aircraft management & handling, hangarage, fleet insurance, helicopter sales, aerial utilities, pilot training and gift vouchers for special occasions, such as weddings, stag parties and Christmas presents!

What has been the biggest or most memorable flying event you’ve provided
The most memorable experience I’d say we’ve had would be providing the Live Aerial Filming of the Intercontinental Rally Championship for the last few years! The flying that is required for this type of aerial filming requires precision and a huge amount of skill from our pilots; we are able to fly at low heights whilst chasing some of the best rally cars in the world and the scenery that comes with these rally stages is like no other, soaring through the Scottish mountains and Northern Irish hillsides, we couldn’t ask for a much better office than that!

Is there any ‘inside’ information you can give us? 
Certainly, take a trial lesson! Most people think that helicopters are very expensive and cater only for VIPs. Wrong! We here at Aeroheli offer flights in a helicopter for as low as £99! Not to mention, that for this price you can actually take control of the helicopter for yourself! All of our pilots are qualified flight instructors, and love taking people up for the first time! It’s an exhilaration like no other, and besides, who would have thought you could actually fly the helicopter yourself, for LESS THAN £100!

Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you’d like to tell us about? 
There are a couple of things in the pipeline alright! We are hoping to soon acquire some new aircraft, and with both American & European rated pilots, we hope to soon be able to train students in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, right the way up to becoming a commercial pilot themselves! There may be some new offers available for special occasions coming up for Summer 2013 too, so watch this space!

All sounds really exciting Chris! Check out all of the other flying experiences available…

Trial Helicopter Lesson

Duration: 20 Minutes

Helicopter: Robinson 22

Price: £99

Kick-start your piloting career and really get a feel for being behind the helicopter gear controls!


Northern Ireland Helicopter Lesson

Duration: 30 Minutes

Helicopter: Robinson 22

Price: £155

A trial flight in a light and agile helicopter – sat next to a professional pilot as you discover your true flying abilities.


One Hour Helicopter Lesson Northern Ireland

Duration:60 Minutes

Helicopter: Robinson 44

Price: £525

A whole one-on-one hour session between you and a professional pilot – plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the ride or take control of the aircraft and soar through the sky!


20 Minute Helicopter Lesson Northern Ireland

Duration: 20 Minutes

Helicopter: Robinson 44

Price: £165

Another 20 minute trial flight, this time in a Robinson 44 – an unforgettable experience to introduce you to the beauty of getting behind the steering controls of a helicopter.


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