2 Hour Land Yachting Experience Kent

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Spend two hours hurtling along a runway in Kent in a fantastic Land Yacht, with this fun, fast, and fantastically exhilarating midweek introduction to Land Yachting in Romney Marsh, Kent.

  • Lydd (Kent)
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£ 52

2 Hour Land Yachting Experience Kent

Spend two hours hurtling along a runway in Kent in a fantastic Land Yacht, with this fun, fast, and fantastically exhilarating midweek introduction to Land Yachting in Romney Marsh, Kent.

Is it a boat? Is it a race car? Well... it's kind of both of those things! Head to Kent and get ready to blast those cobwebs away when you try your hand at operating a fast and fun Land Yacht! This 2 hour midweek land yachting experience will teach you how get the wind in your sail and control the land yacht as you hurtle along a real airport runway.

Whether you're a total beginner to the world of land-yachting or you have some experience, you'll get plenty out of your two hour training session. Beginners will be shown everything they need to know so that they're totally in control of the yacht - how to get going, how to steer, and - most importantly - how to stop! You'll start off practicing relatively short runs at a lower speed until you get used to your land yacht. You'll learn the easier type of turn - the luff turn - doing wide figure-of-eights to practice your technique. Once you're a little more confident, you'll be able to go for longer runs along the strand before turning. If you are doing well and there is time, the instructor may show you how to perform the other type of turn, called a gybe turn. Whether you get to do this or not, you'll have an absolute blast. When you know you're in control of your kart and that wind catches your sail, there is no feeling like speeding along the tarmac. Most people take to it quite quickly, and we predict you'll be booking further sessions after this one... or maybe even looking up the price of buying your own land yacht!

If you're looking for a superb experience gift for someone with a real sense of adventure, or you just want to try something that's guaranteed to put the wind in your sails, try this brilliant land yachting training session in Romney Marsh, Kent.

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The 2 hour Land Yachting experience takes place throughout the year on Tuesdays and Fridays, and on weekends with a £10 supplement paid on the day.

Time slots will vary according to the weather.


Minimum age: 16 years

Maximum weight: 16st (100 Kilos)

You will be asked to sign a disclaimer before taking part in the Land Yachting experience.


Experience Duration: 02:00

Time Spent at Venue: 02:15

This is a 2 hour experience.

Please aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before your experience is due to start.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The 2 Hour Land Yachting Experience Kent is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: +10

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

Spectators are able to watch from the field, but would have far more fun if they joined in with the action! Within a 1 minute walk there is free parking, toilets, cafe, restaurant and a bar.

The maximum group size is 8 for week days and 12 for weekends.

Where is it Located
What to wear

Please wear warm, comfortable clothing and flat-soled shoes.

Safety equipment, such as helmets will be provided upon arrival.


This land yachting experience takes place on field and is therefore dependant on extreme weather conditions.

The yachts use changeable sails, so can be used in both light, and high winds - this means that cancellations due to weather conditions are rare.

Average rating: 5 stars out of 5

Land Yachting, Kent

The Land Yachting experience was great, this was a first time land yachting but it was easy to pick up with clear instructions, the weather was fortunately perfect after a couple of cancelled attempts when the wind wasn’t low. Excellent contact with Andy running the experience, friendly and helpful. Great fun

- Kent

Had a fantastic day with plenty of sunshine and the right amount of wind to learn to sail in. Plan to go again soon. The instructor, has a nice easy style of teaching and had us all sailing well, very quickly.

- Orpington

The instruction was meaningful to me and most other participants only because we had previous dinghy sailing experience. A most enjoyable experience despite unseasonally chilly weather.


Land yachting is brilliant, The instructors were fun, nice, helpful and I felt were great at teaching. There were eight people doing the activity and the two of them coped very well considering we were all novices. In the afternoon I had one on one tuition which taught me a lot and left me wanting to take this up as a hobby. Cheers all for a great time. Paul Mackie Photography

£ 52