• OCT 29, 2012
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Last week’s blog entry took a phone case to the extreme, this week it’s time to push your Halloween to its limits. Whether you’re looking for a blood and gore experience or a ‘trick or treat’ for you or a loved one, we certainly have a mixture of experiences to test your panic levels – leaving you with an ‘extremely’ memorable Halloween.

Motocross Experience

Anyone remember the horror film, Ghost Rider (2007), starring Nicolas Cage? If you don’t, he plays a stunt motorcyclist who sells his soul to the Devil. Providing us, somehow, with a link between Halloween and our motocross experience (phew) This six hour biking day can be enjoyed by all levels of motocross abilities and could even giving your loved ones a scare as you build confidence to slip and slide across the terrain.

Price: £185
Location: Bolton, Stafford, Henfield

Bungee Jump Experience

Trick or treat!? For some this may be an experience made in heaven, but for others the fear of jumping from a crane, hanging by your feet and putting all your trust in a bungee cord may be more terrifying than coming face to face with that demon from your nightmares. Perfect timing then – create a Halloween experience that you’ll never forget. There’s also an option to jump with a friend…just in case you’re too scared to jump alone.

Price: £30 – £198
Location: Nationwide

Zombie Survival Experience

Zombies, blood, guns, dressing up, horror, survival guide…this experience couldn’t be more Halloween related if we tried! Work on your teamwork tactics as you take down the outbreak of zombies, equipped with riot gear and weaponry. To ensure you survive the four hour experience, come prepared to put up a fight and do a lot of running. This is not an experience for the feint-hearted – prepare for a zombie apocalypse.

Price: £70
Location: Droitwich

Three completely different experiences to get your blood pumping and that adrenaline junkie inside of you ready and raring to go – Happy Halloween.


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