• OCT 26, 2012
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Experience Days have been spoiling you guys with pamper days and spa treatments, but don’t get too comfortable on those massage beds, this week we want to get you guys ready for Halloween. To get your hearts thumping and blood pumping we bring you all things dark and mysterious from ghost and ghouls to…candle making?

We thought it would be rude not to mention a little scary history before we delve into the unique and frightening Halloween-related experiences we provide. With what feels like a new horror film being released every week, we wanted to find out where the gothic tale originated from – the answer is Horace Warpole, with The Castle of Otranto (1765). Which highlighted the main elements to make any story gothic and terrifying! Now, what does that have to do with candle making? If you’ve ever watched a horror film then you’ll know it wouldn’t be a scary movie without darkness, a flickering candle, shadows or moonilght. Therefore, we thought a candle making workshop would be perfect, although it won’t have you looking around corners with mirrors or checking your wardrobe before you go to sleep, it will have you ready for when those bedroom lights mysteriously fail…

Candle Making Workshop

Most people would agree there’s nothing as soothing and relaxing as a beautifully scented candle sat in the middle of a room, but why not take those calming candles and use them to shake things up a little this Halloween? Use your new candle making skills (or any of the five candles you make and take home from this experience) to create an eerie feel in your house this year – whether you place them in your carved pumpkins or light your hallway for those trick or treaters, this really will give your Halloween a creepy feel…and if that’s not enough, make everything smell delicious! The six hour workshop will have you crafting, decorating and learning all about the art of candles.

Price: £150
Location: London

Ghost Bus Tour

A mix of fun and humour with scares and screams. This ghost tour will have you laughing, whilst sat on the edge of your bus-seat…trying to anticipate the next terrifying stop. Perfect for Halloween (or any time you want to give your loved one or your whole family a fright) as you go from stop to creepy stop with a trained actor telling you spooky ghost stories. This hour and fifteen minute ghost tour is ideal for a family group, a family outing or maybe you feel brave enough to pair up with a friend and tackle the ghosts together. In the spirit of Halloween why not dig out the fake blood and get into costume – may even be able to give a few scares yourself.

Price: £20
Location: London

Ghost Hunting for Two

This frightening ghost hunt for two may have you questioning your beliefs; whether you love the thought of ghosts and ghouls or always blame the cat for those strange noises in the middle of the night. The eight hour experience will have you ghost hunting, ghost whispering and attempting to tap into the underworld, be prepared to come with an open mind and leave feeling like you’ve connected with someone  or something a little out of the ordinary. If you’re worried about not getting to sleep after this experience, there’s no need to fear as the ghost hunting takes place throughout the night (8pm-4am) so you’ll be safe and sound back in your bed as the sun is rising!

Price: £120 (or £69 for one)

Feeling spooked? I don’t blame you, those three experiences really climbed up the fright scale. Oh, and if you need a little help planning your Halloween costume (especially for the Ghost Bus Tour) here are a couple of ideas to get you in the haunting mood:

– Zombie – inspired by our Zombie Survival Experience
– Any form of animal, but don’t forget to add some blood!
– Get magical – witch, wizard, fairy, princess
– Or maybe even your favourite famous person or inspiration

Happy haunting!


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