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Remember when I drove a Mustang on the famous Goodwood circuit? Well Extreme Element couldn’t wait to get JOTR back in the driving seat and on a racetrack – this time I’m behind the wheel of a Lamborghini on a track in Oxford…and oh wow what an experience!

If you follow JOTR you may or may not know that usually I go about these journeys on my own, however, not this time! I’m joined by a fellow supercar-lover colleague on the day – apparently his love and knowledge on the cars entitled him to come along and teach me a thing or two…and of course gets him out the office and into the driving seat!

Once signed in and helmet strapped on, we head over to our qualified instructor, Mike Brown. He’s eagerly waiting for us in the two-seater Ariel Atom, ready and raring to go. I’m gripping on for my life as he speeds us around the track, zooming past the other Supercars and taking every turn faster than the last. After three incredibly breath-taking hot laps Mike pulls back into the pit stop and (once I’ve found my feet) I unbuckle to let my lucky JOTR experience-goer strap in.

What makes the Supercar track in Oxford so good? It’s based in the middle of a field and airfield which can make it a little hard to find (don’t worry, there’s plenty of signage directions) but it means there’s plenty of space around and more than enough room to enjoy the full potential of the unbelievable motors. PLUS the rally cars circuit next to the Supercars track is big enough for all ages to really take advantage of – I’m hoping JOTR goes back for this soon!

(That’s me getting buckled in ^^)

To find out a little more about the Oxford track days I get chatting to one of the owners – Shelley. Amongst the fifty vehicles used for the Supercar driving and Rally days are: five junior rally cars, two Ariel Atoms, two Aston Martins, two Lamborghinis, one Ferrari and a vast amount of rally cars…oh and a some more Supercars! Not to fear though, the circuit has a six car limit driving around at once which usually consists of five Supercars and one Atom – phewf!

Now, the bit you’ve all been waiting for – my drive in the Lamborghini!

Three amazing laps around the track, with helpful guidance from Mike as he tells me where to head for and when I should brake – encouraging speed and building confidence as I go. I’m immediately jealous that they get to drive these mighty motors around all day! Unfortunately though, I do eventually have to bring the Lamborghini back into the pit stop for the next person…and to make it worse I’m allowed to look at all the other beautiful cars available for experience track days so I can take pictures for this blog:

The Aston Martin Vantage AMV8
Aston Martin v Ferrari Driving Experience – Oxford
Aston Martin AMV8 v Ariel Atom in Oxford

The Audi R8 – driving experience in Oxford
Audi R8 vs Aston Martin V8 – Oxfordshire
Audi R8 vs Ferrari Experience – Oxfordshire
Audi R8 vs Lamborghini Thrill

The Ferrari 360 – experience the thrill in Oxford

Ferrari vs Lamborghini Experience – Oxfordshire
Ferrari vs Porsche Experience – Oxfordshire

And my favourite for the day – the Lamborghini (and yes I prefer the silver colour and yes it’s on my Christmas wish list)

The Lamborghini Gallardo driving experience in Oxford
I somehow don’t think Santa will be able to fit this in my stocking this year, but at least I got to drive a Lamborghini!

I will definitely be hoping for another driving day!

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