• MAY 13, 2013
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Dads. They teach you how to ride a bike, help you to fix your car and show you how to bleed a radiator… so when it comes to Father’s Day, how can you really thank them? Sure, with Mother’s Day you can take them to a spa, or send them some flowers, but dads, they don’t want to be sat there sniffing roses! They want to be out and about … perhaps even jumping from a plane? Well, that’s where we come in, give them an extreme gift they won’t forget this June 16th.

Indoor Skydiving 2for1 Father’s Day Special in Milton Keynes

Price: £98 £49

The experience made with Father’s Day in mind – indoor skydiving for two. Treat both you and your dad to two one-minute flights that will make you feel like you’re really falling through the air! What makes this so perfect is how you can spend the day together, isn’t that what your dad really wants on Father’s Day? Give him the thrill of skydiving, and be in it with him to watch him really enjoying the gift you bought him.

Bungee Jump All Over the UK

Price: £60

Daughters, remember that spider your dad saved you from last week? Yeah you know, that massive black furry thing that seemed big enough to attack you (when in fact it was the size of a 1p coin)? Well, let’s put your dad’s bravery to the test, treat him to a bungee jump this Father’s Day. Watch as he throws himself off a crane from a height of 160ft, with just a bungee cord attached to his feet.

Tandem Skydive Anywhere in the UK

Price: £249

Ok, take that bungee jump (and big scary spider) and turn it into a skydive. Turn that 160ft into 15,000ft and treat your dad to 30-60 seconds of free fall – what a way to spend Father’s Day! His jump will have him free falling and reaching terminal velocity (160mph), before floating back to Earth – which can take around 6-8 minutes to do, so plenty of time to enjoy the views.

4×4 Driving Experience across the UK

Price Range: £45 – £600

Remember your first driving lesson, or the first time your dad took those stabilisers off your bike? Well, why not get him back in the learner’s seat and behind the wheel of a 4×4 as he finds his way around the tricky terrain of a whole new road – hills, muddy tracks and rocky trails. We offer everything from discovery lessons, private sessions and half day courses, so there’s plenty to choose from.

Off Road Buggy Experience all over the UK

Price Range: £40 – £290

Treat your dad to a new set of wheels, but not just any four wheels, and not for his road-car. We’re talking quad bikes, apache or karting of course! This Father’s Day, why not get your dad off the road and behind the wheel of something entirely different. With so many options he is spoiled for choice, and we bet he’ll think of his brilliant day every time he gets back in the driver’s seat for that boring road-drive to work.

Supercar Choice 1 anywhere in the UK

Price: £89

There’s no doubt about it, dads love cars. That’s why our last Father’s Day gift idea is the perfect choice for your dad come June 16th. Treat him to four laps around a track in a supercar! With such a huge variety of choice he won’t know which one to go for – Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, Subaru or a Caterham. This experience really will make your dad feel like number one as he races around a track in such a beautiful motor.

Whether your dad is a thrill seeker or a petrol head, Extreme Element can offer the best gift to give him this Father’s Day, and we can guarantee the next time you need something fixing you won’t feel so guilty giving your old man a call. Happy Father’s Day!


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