For a county without a single motorway in it, East Sussex is very connected. Sharing borders with the beautiful countryside counties of West Sussex, Surrey & Hampshire; East Sussex is renowned for being one of the ‘greenest’ in the UK and for its Roman remains.

Dinghy Sailing in East Sussex

Dinghy Sailing in East Sussex

Aside from boasting the UK’s first ever casino and Europe’s largest marina of its kind; Brighton is also famous for some spectacular water sports. The activities available include some of the finest in the UK, ranging from swimming with sharks to ZapCat powerboats – racing out of Hove Lagoon at 50mph! The Sussex Downs also sustain a high proportion of the county’s activities, offering an outstanding visual addition to the great aerial activities available, such as hang gliding and paragliding.

Specialising in water sports and utilising the beautiful coastal playground upon which to practice, East Sussex and Brighton’s world famous pebble beach is an attraction within itself during the summer months; combining great weather, live music and a stretch of bars that serve from dawn till dusk.

Hang Gliding & Paragliding

Sharing the same natural playground as its Western bordering county, East Sussex is also one of the UK’s top locations for aerially appreciating the beautiful countryside. The 200m high hills of the Sussex Downs play host to a fantastic range of Hang Gliding & Paragliding experiences, with both aero-tow and winch excursions beginning from the recognised Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. As with many slow paced experiences, these aviation activities rely heavily on the scenery and views available, putting East Sussex at a great advantage for sustaining the excitement and enjoyment of flying with its stunning visuals.

Shark Diving

If breathing the air from a few hundred feet isn’t quite your thing, how about breathing the air from a tank during a scuba diving experience to remember, with sharks! The cold waters of the UK naturally restrict any encounters with Earth’s 420m year old predators, until now! The world’s oldest working aquarium is situated next to the Princess Pier on Brighton seafront and is home to fifteen sharks in a 700,000 litre tank, amongst other fascinating sea life species. Diving in this amazing aquarium will bring you up close and personal with large sharks including; Nurse, Sandbar, Black-tip & Zebra, as well as two giant Marine Turtles. Whilst flicking the fear factor up a notch, Shark Diving is completely safe and comes highly recommended from professional divers.


The UK’s ever growing sport of Kitesurfing is well practiced in East Sussex; with the Blue Flag awarded Camber Sands amongst others proving an attractive and well sustained area for the involving water sport. Whilst other beaches in the area also specialise in water sports, this particular beach is a locally renowned venue and is enriched with a number of shipwrecks further out on the coast. Courses exist for those looking to get started with Kitesurfing, or for the further advanced boarders. One, two and three day courses in Kitesurfing and Powerkiting are very popular and operate all year round from the numerous beaches in East Sussex.


Remaining out on the water but slightly easier on the adrenaline gauge is a sport that never falters in numbers; Sailing. The oldest are very often still the best, and Sailing is a water sport that will continue to thrive in the coastal areas, especially those as visually pleasing as East Sussex. One particular operator provides taster sessions and the more advanced courses from Hove Lagoon, making it a realistic possibility that you could achieve your RYA Level 1 certificate in the fast paced and highly enjoyable sport of Dinghy Sailing. The same operator also offers Windsurfing tasters and the further advanced courses, also equating to the RYA Level 1.


Continuing to utilise the aquatic playground East Sussex is blessed with; ZapCat racing is a sport that everyone must try at least once. The incredibly powerful boats can hit 50mph from standstill in 3 seconds, and leap around 7 foot in the air as they bounce from wave to wave putting you in the line of 2-3 g’s force! In East Sussex you can take the controls yourself and learn some professional moves and turns for what is essentially a supercar on water!


ZT Fight Skool

ZT Fight Skool

If you are looking for a more ‘hands on’ experience to get to grips with; one time European Ultimate Combat Champion personal training regimes orientated around your lifestyle and ability are created on arrival, with a diet plan and ‘homework’ to be completed for the next session. Sol has been the personal trainer of Katie Price, Marti Pellow and numerous UFC fighters & champions, meaning he can handle just about anyone!


Sphereing, aka Zorbing is an ever-present on any possible ‘to do’ activities list, and will remain a quality experience due to the thrill factor gained from the low level of skill and involvement required. Climb into the giant Zorb, harness yourself and one or two others tightly inside the ball and get ready for the craziest rolling ride of your life! The NZ originating sport relies heavily on the local environment and thrives in the summer months, naturally advantaging the green garden of East Sussex as one of the prettier hill rolling locations in the UK.

East Sussex is an agriculturally rich county that specialises in offering a wide range of water sports and flying activities thanks to its geographic locality and its visually stunning coastlines. The lack of driving centre available is more than compensated for with the quality of the aquatic activities available, and, as with other coastal counties; East Sussex makes the best use of this luxury during the summer months by turning the activities of the day into the activities of the night!

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