• NOV 2, 2012
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The world’s highest freefall last week, completed by Felix Baumgartner, got everyone talking about anything and everything extreme here at Extreme Element. It then got us thinking – how many other daredevils are there out there risking their life?! Surprisingly, we found eight within seconds! These eight extremists have been jumping, skiing and climbing their way up the extreme ladder, here are our top four adrenaline junkies that pushed their daredevil side to the extreme::

Jeb Corliss – best known for his extreme BASE jumps and wing-flights from heights some people could only dream of. Some of his most outstanding and astonishing accomplishments since learning to BASE jump, at the age of 22, are his jumps from the Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge and flying into a half-mile deep cave in China. Absolutely unbelievable!

Corliss recently injured himself during one of his many flights (over 1,000 jumps to date) but even his recovery time was impressive and he updated his many fans that he is back in the air! Wonder what major jump he has lined up next!

Robbie Knievel followed in his father’s motorbiking footsteps, having successfully completed more than 250 professional motorcycle jumps! On top of this, Knievel proudly beat the world record for the biggest distance jumped on a motorbike AND starred in eight live TV specials!

Knievel isn’t stopping there though, he has future plans to complete the jump his dad crashed out on – sixteen double decker buses together at Wembley Stadium in London. Good luck Robbie!

Another famous daredevil biker – Travis Pastrana. This one even has his own stunt TV program to show off his perfect motocross skills and throw in a few stunts to keep you guessing! On top of the stunt motorbiking, Pastrana is involved with car racing, BASE jumping and freestyle.

Pastrana has won countless medals and trophies and has even injured himself so bad he found himself bound to a wheelchair for three months; but not even losing the ability to walk stopped him from recovering and coming back better than ever!

Another inspirational daredevil is Karina Hollekim, a freeskier and BASE jumper who shattered both her legs but, (like Pastrana) took it a day at a time and pushed herself to carry on doing what she loves. Hollekim has been skiing since the age of five and then took up BASE jumping and skydiving.

Hollekim has become one of the biggest inspirations in the extreme world, her near death experience has lead her to motivational speaking and gave her that push to reach goals she never thought she could reach.

Can’t get enough of the daredevils? Well here are those other five extremists we mentioned earlier, with a short insight into what makes them so well known in the daredevil world!

Glen Plake – A big mountain freeskier that has featured in a number of ski films and survived an avalanche!
Alain Robert – The Human Spider from France who climbs buildings without help.
Mat Hoffman – Well known for his BMX freestyle riding but also took his bike BASE jumping.
Jackie Chan – Stuntman – insurance companies won’t even cover him any more!


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