• OCT 31, 2017
  • WRITTEN BY: Blossom Lewis

Have you ever wanted to find out more about a business before purchasing one of their fabulous experiences?

Well, here is your chance to learn a little bit about the brilliant Harts Barn Cookery School, through reading their Expert Interview!

1.How did Harts Barn Cookery School begin?

I have always loved food and gardening from a very young age. I began my career in Horticulture and spent 20 years working in the corporate environment mainly in sales and training, but I loved being in the kitchen, food shops and restaurants. When I left the corporate environment to have my baby I then had the opportunity to follow my other love: ‘food’!  I have owned an award-winning organic food shop, deli, café, and a crew catering business providing a 24hr food service to crews at festivals. In between festivals I was teaching cookery to people in the community. I then realised that I finally wanted to have a kitchen that stayed in one place and combine cooking with teaching, and Harts Barn Cookery School was born.

2. Where did the passion to cook delicious food come from?

My passion for cooking began when I was 3 living on a farm with my parents. We had access to Jersey cow milk, fresh produce from a kitchen garden and plenty of foraged food from woodlands and hedgerows around the house. My father grew a lot of our food and we always had access to local producers. I knew from a very early age the difference between super tasty fresh food and bland processed food. My great aunty, May taught me how to prep fresh veg with a good sharp knife. My dad taught me how to grow food and respect the animals we ate. My mother always cooked fresh tasty food with an ability to make do.

3. As a cookery school what sets you aside from potential competition?

Harts Barn Cookery School is about ‘Simply Cooking for All’. We all have to eat so why not enjoy it and have fun using the freshest ingredients we can. We have a philosophy of eat, drink and be merry! Food is also an important way to bring people together and to socialise. We are all about the cooking experience and the enjoyment it can bring.

4. Do you have a favourite dish that you love creating?

Goodness a hard question to answer as there are so many amazing dishes. My favourite dish is one made with great fresh ingredients that can been enjoyed by all!

5. What has been your biggest kitchen disaster?

A garlic and fudge pie! I was researching heritage recipes and came across this one and thought it sounded interesting. Wrong. It was disgusting and my class very politely ate it with me knowing they didn’t like it but they were too polite to say so!!

6. Since the beginning of Harts Barn Cookery School what is the most memorable moment you can think of?

It was at the end of 2016 when I was reflecting on the year that I realised we had finally achieved ‘Cooking for All’, teaching people from all areas of life including children, young people, people with learning disabilities and so many more. I finally felt that my vision had come to reality.

Thank you to Harts Barn Cookery School for this wonderful Expert Interview!

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