• NOV 7, 2013
  • WRITTEN BY: Robb Young

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Let’s get wet! Jump in for the Kayaking Experience of your life! One boat, one river and one great day out! Tucked into your own kayak you are in charge. Start your YOLO adventure! Don’t live life the mundane way, embrace opportunity and enjoy yourself. You steer the Kayak and control whether you sink or swim! Whether it is an experience similar to White Water Rafting you’re after, or a gentler introduction to Kayaking adventures, Experience Days can help you. Guided by an expert instructor, you are not alone in your wild trip down the river. An activity great for both kids and adults, why not make it a family day out, or spice up your weekend for yourself! With vouchers available for Kayaking adventures all over the UK you are bound to find a location near you. So get geared up, zip up your life jacket and get to the rivers! A wild, fun and wet adventure is within hand’s reach. Grab it, enjoy it and tell your friends!

Activities near you:
Introduction to Kayaking in Greater Manchester
River Wild Full Day for two in Denbighshire
Discover Kayaking in Leamington Spa

For the full activity list visit: www.experiencedays.co.uk/kayaking

Not one for just sitting around doing nothing? Visit www.yolo.com for a whole collection of activities, from zorbing to sky-diving. YOLO gets you up and out there, YOLO makes you feel alive.

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