• AUG 6, 2010
  • WRITTEN BY: Aaron Thomas

Keeping them Entertained is as easy as A, T, B…

This guide displays some of the great activities we have for taking the kids out for the day, be it to join in or get rid; you’ll find a great selection of best sellers, best enjoyed and best priced activities for the young’uns!

The summer holidays provide a challenging conundrum for parents and children alike, with the exhausting strain of six weeks worth of entertainment hitting the stress levels and purse strings hard.

Kids are also encapsulated in the utter joy of being off school for nearly 2 months, combined with a new found boredom for their inactive minds.

Well, how does one keep them entertained and busy for 6 weeks without breaking the bank? Send them to bootcamp? Send them out to earn themselves a few extra pennies?

Well one tried and tested method of keeping them entertained is to ignite a passion or a new hobby. The enthralling nature of spending all day perfecting a trick or learning a new technique – be it on wheels or their backside; is guaranteed to keep them occupied and happy this summer.

However, the allowance of such activities is a precarious situation for any parent; too much encouragement and they won’t do it – too little and they may resort to moping around all summer draining your resources!

Here at Extreme Element we like to think we have got the cream of the crop for adult extreme sports activities, and some pretty awesome days out for kids. Whether you’d like to go along with them on a special day out, or simply taxi them to and from; you’ll find it here.

Our Top Tips for the Summer:

If they’re approaching or already in their teenage years – we recommend a day of driving action. They can really get to grips with a powerful engine, some useful driving principles and a have an all round brilliant time – at a great price!

Silverstone Rookie
This great driving experience puts them in a brand new Renault Clio Sport on a tarmac circuit, with a qualified instructor providing expert advice in car control.

£45 Minimum Age: 13 Northamptonshire (Silverstone)

This fantastic experience is tailor made to the participant’s ability. Whether they are the next Evil Knievel or if they’ve never so much as ridden a motor bike – they’re guaranteed to be up and riding and having the time of their life by the end of the day!

£199Minimum Age: 10 Brighton, Manchester

4×4 Off Road Driving
This more relaxed driving experience requires more brains than brawn (as shown with motocross) as they are free to traverse tricky terrains and manage muddy mounds with expert tuition at their side.

£45-£149Minimum Age: 12 Berkshire

Quad Biking
The fantastic sport of Quad Biking is as easy as ‘twist & go’ and is stupendously good fun for all ages, shapes and sizes. Racing through orchards, carefully manoeuvring through woodlands or completing purpose built courses – excellent fun for the family.

£23-£145 – Minimum Age: 6-16 (dependent) Available at More than 10 Locations

Track Driving
Here they can have their choice of Ferrari, Lamborghini or Aston Martin for a dream drive way before their tender years legally allow! Learn the basics in a practice saloon car before hitting the circuit in one of the world’s most coveted and desired supercars!

£95 – Minimum Age: 12 Leicestershire

Rage Buggy at Silverstone
The magnificent Rage Buggies are new to Extreme Element and are proving a huge success. Selling like hot cakes, the 650cc Rage Buggy allows them to get to grips with a wonderfully responsive and powerful vehicle, in racing gear and with professional instructors… at Silverstone!

£45 – Minimum Age: 13 Northampton (Silverstone)

Straying away from the motorised madness tickling those petrol glands, an organic day out enjoying our Earth experiences may be more suitable. Generally lasting longer and a bit more kind to the bank balance, we recommend:

Mountain Boarding
The off road skateboarding experience grows in popularity every year, with more and more extreme dudes padding up and hitting the slopes for a day of bravery, brilliance and bruises! With expert tuition and all equipment included, our recommended Mountain Boarding experiences are the ideal hobby starter!

£40-£70 – Minimum Age: 8 Surrey

High Ropes Courses
The giant adventure playground offers a great source of excitement, exercise and even adrenaline into their adventurous minds. Completely harnessed in and under the instructor’s supervision; they are free to climb, jump and zip around the giant playground’s many obstacles!

£28-£70 – Minimum Age: 10 Shropshire, Llandudno

Zorbing / Sphereing
The best selling Zorbing experience continues to go from strength to strength, with masses of vouchers sold and booked every day. Climb into the giant Zorb, roll down hill…fantastic fun! Not the longest of thrills, but excellent while it lasts! Read our Guide to Zorbing for more information!

£55-£75 – Minimum Age: 7-16 Available at More than 10 Locations

The ultimate party activity pits them against friends and foes as they strive to capture the flag, shoot the bell at the base or simply splat anything in their way! All equipment, referee and even lunch included (at most sites) for a great day out shooting!

£18-119 – Minimum Age: 12 Available at More than 50 Locations

New to Extreme Element and available in kids, adults or family tickets; Archery is the age old sport requiring mean hand-eye coordination and nerves of steel. A great experience for appreciating the great outdoors and the tools of yesteryear!

£15 – Minimum Age: 8 Hampshire

Indoor Skydiving
The amazing wind tunnel experience allows you to experience the juicy freefall of skydiving for 3 times as long! Although not quite on the same adrenaline / thrill factor scale as its older brother; Indoor Skydiving is a fantastic experience that is guaranteed to put a smile on the face for hours!

£47-£169 – Minimum Age: 5 Milton Keynes, Manchester

Helicopter Flying
Let them see the world from a different point of view…800ft different! With amazing aerial views going un-witnessed every day, why not enjoy this wonderful helicopter tour of your city to appreciate the magnitude of a good view!

£45-£135 – Minimum Age: 8 Available at More than 10 Locations

If the aerial experiences are too ‘up there’, maybe a day on or in the splash is a better fit. With the ‘glorious’ English summer weather – why not cool off with a great Aquatic Activity?

Jet Skiing
The motorbikes of the water are easily accessible, great fun and induce the lip-biting adrenaline like very few other experiences in the range. Sitting down or standing up; you are free to enjoy acres of lake on a powerful jet bike!

£45-£148 – Minimum Age: 14 Dorset, Berkshire, Oxfordshire

The age old sport of Kayaking continues to be a favourite every year, with lake, sea and white-water excursions taking place every weekend. In the wetsuit and with paddle in hand; they’re free to roam their aquatic surroundings with expert tuition close by!

£29 -£150 – Minimum Age: 6 Available at More than 10 Locations

Combining the principles of its close relatives; Wakeboarding combines a great mixture of adrenaline, skill and exercise to create a feeling of reward. Starting on the boat tow, boarders can progress to perform great tricks, flicks and stunts!

£40-£275 – Minimum Age:8 Available at 6 Locations

Skiing / Snowboarding
Surprisingly Skiing & Snowboarding on real snow is available in the UK! At either Milton Keynes or Leeds; boarders and skiers can choose lessons or free time to enjoy the slopes…indoors! The centres are based inside huge activity & shopping malls, making a day of a great experience!

£25-£175 – Minimum Age: 3 Milton Keynes, Leeds

So there we have it, a list of the great activities just waiting for you to go and try! Whether you’re looking to join in their fun and spend a great day with them, or looking to off load them for a day of peace; you should find something for just about all tastes, preferences and styles of young’un!


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