• AUG 1, 2010
  • WRITTEN BY: Aaron Thomas

0-60mph – 1.9 seconds
G Force – 2G Vertical

Bungee Jumping is without a drop of doubt the UK’s most popular venture into the world of adrenaline, as people of all shapes, sizes and sanity leap every weekend on their first or fiftieth leap.

Who would’ve imagined 24 years on since the first commercial jump that Bungee Jumping would be so popular?

Bungee – English word for ‘Anything thick and squat’ incorporated in 1930’s for rubber

Bungy – Kiwi slang word for ‘Elastic Strap’

It was our very own Sir David Attenborough that first brought the concept to our screens back in the 1950’s, with footage showing the ‘Land Divers’ of Pentecost Island striving to prove their courage and passage into manhood. With vines tied to their ankles and testosterone squirting from every sweat gland – they jumped from the top of a lofty tower. (Video at the bottom!)

Two decades later, the first modern style Bungee Jumps were made on the 1st April 1979 (wasn’t a cruel April Fool’s joke!) when the 250ft Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol hosted the brave lemmings trial run. The jumpers were arrested shortly after but weren’t deterred, moving on to the US before jumping from mobile cranes & hot air balloons in 1982.

After much deliberation and thought; the concept hit the big time in 1986 when New Zealander AJ Hackett set up his first commercial jump at Auckland’s Greenhithe Bridge. It was this commercialisation that led us to make Bungee Jumping virtually idiomatic to the adrenaline culture.

Bungee Jumping is our biggest selling and most popular category, with huge volumes of vouchers and bookings purchased every week.

The biggest and best Bungee Jumps available in the UK are:

The Highest Bungee Jump in the UK (5/5 Star – Experience Rating)
The UK’s Highest Bungee Jump stands at 300ft (91m) and is available in Windsor, Manchester and Newcastle.
300ft, £79

Exclusive Central London Bungee Jump (5/5 Star – Experience Rating)
Central London’s only bungee jumping weekend of 2010, on the 25th & 26th of September stands at 160ft (49m) next to Tower Bridge and is completely Exclusive to Extreme Element.
160ft, £75

The UK’s Only Bridge Bungee Jump
(5/5 Star – Experience Rating)
The only Bridge Bungee of the UK is held in Middlesbrough, jumping off the 170ft (51m) Transporter Bridge. (Pictured above)
170ft, £60

Bungee Jump London O2 Arena
(4/5 Star – Experience Rating)
The 160ft Bungee – inside the famous O2 Arena.
160ft, £75

Indoor Bungee Jump
(5/5 Star – Experience Rating)
Jump 150ft (45m) in the Magna Centre, Sheffield.
150ft, £49

Bungee Jump (5/5 Star – Experience Rating)
The UK’s most popular Bungee is the 160ft (49m) crane jump. The Extreme Element best seller is available at 7 locations up and down the UK, from up in Glasgow to down in Brighton.
160ft, £49

Tandem Bungee Jump (5/5 Star – Experience Rating)
Jump the 160ft Bungee strapped to your partner or friend! The Tandem Bungee is available at the same 7 locations as the single 160ft Bungee.
160ft, £99

Customer Reviews

Judging from our customer reviews for Bungee Jumping, it seems as though nobody is disappointed.

A very common theme for Bungee Jumping gift vouchers is that they are bought for friends, purchased as a one-off experience with messages such as: “I’m not doing it with you!”

The only gripe appears to be the quality of the DVD, but apart from that it is safe to say that people love it:

“One of the most exciting thrills I have ever experienced. The staff from start to finish are magnificent, they put the nervous at ease and geared up the thrill seekers”

“Excellent experience, well scary, guys up top help to make it possible, will stay with me forever”

“The best extreme experience to date, enjoyed every minute and would definitely do it again, put a smile on my face for the whole day! Thanks very much!”

“It was crazy!! Amazing!!! The best experience I’ve ever had”


The World’s Biggest and Best Bungee Jumps

Arkansas River, Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, USA: 1053 ft (321 m)

Verzasca Dam, Val Verzasca, Switzerland: 721 ft (220 m)

Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa: 710 ft (216 m)

Macau Tower, China: 764 ft (233 m)

Niouc, Switzerland: 623 ft (190 m)

The Last Resort, Nepal: 525 ft (160 m)

Ponte Colossus, Italy: 500 ft (152 m)

Victoria Falls Bridge,
Zambia: 500 ft (152 m)

Navajo Bridges, USA: 467 ft (142 m)

The Pipeline Bungy, New Zealand: 335 ft (102 m)

Colorado River, Costa Rica: 279 ft (85 m)

Corinth Canal, Greece: 260 ft (79 m)

AltaVila Tower, Brazil: 233 ft (71 m)

Longqing Gorge Bungee, China: 164 ft ( 50m )



Bungee Jumping has evolved over the years into a variety of forms, adapting to its surroundings in all corners of the world. The main and currently recognised types are:

Bungee Jump
Based on the natives from Pentecost Island in the South Pacific, this involves the leap from a platform or high ledge.

The jumpers are stationed inside a cage with chords attached reasonably high to two adjacent towers, the cage is lowered creating the tension and released to experience the ‘Reverse Bungee’.

Bungee Running
The jumper is in fact more of a runner. A chord is attached to both a stationary base and the runner’s back, tension is created by sprinting away before it pings you back where you came from!

Twin Towers
Similar setup to the ‘Catapult’, except that the towers are further apart to allow for the removal of the cage.

Bungee Trampoline
A smaller version of the ‘Twin Towers’ are setup with a trampoline in the middle for the jumper to experience both forces of elasticity!

Have a look here to see all UK Bungee Jumps and where your nearset one is. You can even book yourself directly in using the onscreen Book&Go option!


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