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  • OCT 31, 2019
  • WRITTEN BY: Charlotte Bowler

What’s your idea of a scary experience?

Experience Days is home to whole range of adrenaline pumping, boundary pushing, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Whether it’s jumping out of a plane at 10,000ft, diving deep in the sea into the unknown, or even singing your heart out in a recording studio session, the point is that we all have our own ideas of what is scary and what is not. For some, these unique experiences can be their idea of heaven! However, for others it can truly be their idea of hell. So, in the spirit of Halloween and all things tantalisingly terrifying, we wanted to find out what exactly makes the Experience Days team quiver by asking them two questions:

What is your biggest fear?
Which experience is likely to give you a fright?

Read on to get to know us better and get ready for a ‘About Us’, Halloween edition!


What is your biggest fear?

Being buried alive? Or dead really... neither are particularly appealing.

Which experience is likely to give you a fright?

The 8 week Salsa Course in the South West and the Recording Experience in Chichester. Or any other experience that might involve me singing or dancing. And if the other staff had ever heard me sing or see me dance... that would be included in their list of biggest fears.


What is your biggest fear?

Rats, getting old and heights. 

Which experience is likely to give you a fright?

Bungee jumping or skydiving would scare the pants off me. Not being the biggest fan of heights, I thought I'd try to conquer my fear by going up for a cage ride in a bungee crane. Although I wasn't the one jumping, you wouldn't have thought so. My legs turned to jelly, and I couldn't let go of the bars. We were only 6" off the floor. The rocking of the cage and height wasn't for me, but I know so many adrenaline junkies out there who live for the thrill and have no problem jumping from a bungee crane - or even a plane!


What is your biggest fear? 

Heights, specifically being suspended from a great height.

Which experience is likely to give you a fright?

It’s a toughie as I’m basically a total wimp and so the options are endless, but I’m going to go with the Triple Whammy Experience in South Yorkshire. The first form of torture would be the four-hour train journey from Brighton to Yorkshire, during which time my brain would probably be in overdrive imagining how I could possibly get out of it (is faking your own death still a thing?) but the real terror would kick in when I eventually arrived and realised that I’d not just be taking one crazy height-related activity, but three. Let’s start with the zip lining. If there’s a purer distillation of ‘being suspended from a great height’ I don’t know it. Next, the abseiling – okay, at least you’re attached to something – but finally, jumping 150ft into something literally called The Abyss doesn’t particularly appeal to me thank YOU. 


What is your biggest fear?

Mine is drowning!

Which experience is likely to give you a fright?

The Shark Diving Experience in Scotland. I would be scared to take part in this experience because I'm not a good swimmer at all. I had a very traumatic experience when I was younger - I almost drowned in a pool on holiday, as I panicked because my feet couldn't touch the floor. Ever since then, I have always been hesitant to get in deep water. If I took part in this shark diving experience, I would probably panic under water, the shark would sense my fear and kill me.


What is your biggest fear?

I'm absolutely terrified of snakes. I can't even look at them on TV let alone in real life. 

Which experience is likely to give you a fright?

I'm also scared of heights, so I'd definitely be most scared of the highest skydive in the UK...and anything to do with snakes of course. 


What is your biggest fear?

Dying. This covers a lot of ground I know, but whether it’s by a random psychopath who just happens to knock me out while I’m walking alone at night, entering a vehicle that can crash, or climbing hundreds of feet into the air to a point I could easily fall and become a human smoothie, it’s all pretty terrifying.

Which experience is likely to give you a fright?

So, I considered the psychopaths lair escape room, but let’s face it, that sounds like loads of fun! You’re surrounded by friends in an environment you know isn’t really going to endanger you. I researched a lot of helicopter and plane facts while writing some local helicopter guides, and they’re honestly incredible machines, with some great safety features and highly qualified pilots. Therefore, against all odds, I’m going to choose a high-speed passenger ride (an extremely popular experience amongst our customers). The thought of whizzing around a track at 180 mph while there are other less competent drivers around, sounds pretty scary to me.


What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is actually spiders, but luckily none of the experiences we offer involve them - unless you count a trip to London Zoo! 

Which experience is likely to give you a fright?

My next biggest fear is deep water, or more specifically stuff underwater that shouldn't necessarily be there. I can't even look at photos of shipwrecks without getting a bit clammy! The experience to most likely give me a fright is probably scuba diving, as you never know what's lurking in the depths...


What is your biggest fear?

It sounds silly, but my biggest fear is probably the dark! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t sleep with a nightlight…I’m just not a fan of pitch black. Who knows if that pile of laundry on the chair is actually a ghost haunting you whilst you sleep…? 

Which experience is likely to give you a fright?

As I’m a total wimp who quite literally jumps even when the toaster pops, the experience you would find it tricky to get me to do would be the Edinburgh Extreme Underground Walking Paranormal Tour.  The very fact it has the word ‘extreme’ in its title puts me, the ultimate scaredy cat, right off. And walking about the underground hunting for things that are going to scare you? You’ve got to be kidding! 

Well, that got rather morbid at times… but all in good Halloween-y spirit! Interestingly, the general consensus seems to be that heights are a big fear amongst us all, proving that we’re an office full of people suited better to the ground rather than (jumping out of a plane...). 

Did you come across one of your fears? Would you ever face it head on by taking part in something that terrifies you? If you’re into living life on the edge, you can explore more adrenaline pumping experiences here and our ghost tours here.

Or instead of tricks, would you rather stick to treats? We have a whole range of experiences designed to help you relax and indulge. You can explore our full range of spa experiences and afternoon teas here. I know I’d take a massage over a Ghost Tour any day…! 

Happy Halloween from all of us at Experience Days!


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