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I have always been intrigued by Rage Rooms, I love trying new experiences, when Charlotte and I were invited to Birmingham to take part in this Rage Room Experience, I was excited to see what that day had in store for us. 

It was our first-time visiting Birmingham, and; the city exceeded my expectations! The rage room was located in the perfect place, walking distance to the mall and with a car park nearby. The venue where the rage room took place was huge, with 6 floors and several rooms. 

When we arrived at the Rage Room, we were greeted by Steve who kindly showed us around the venue. As you enter, there is a reception area, and just to the right - they have a cafe where you can grab something to eat or drink. The Rage Room takes place on the ground floor in a spacious room, where you have plenty of space to throw and smash a variety of objects. Steve then showed us the other rooms in the building. Some of them had different themes, including a very creepy room – which was a “apocalypse” themed, full of old hospital beds and broken furniture. We were told this room is ordinarily used for group games such as airsoft. I was amazed by the rooms’ details and intricate design – one had a section where you could climb into the wall and come out the other end of the room!

After exploring the venue, we were ready to enter the infamous Rage Room. For safety we wore full body suit, gloves, and a face shield. Once we had our safety gear on, we were ready to unleash our anger. Steven showed us the different equipment we could use to let it out: this included a wide range of objects from glass bottles, printers, scanners and more. We decided to start small and work our way up to the bigger objects. The wall had a bullseye drawn on it. We picked up a glass bottle each, aimed, and threw it as hard as we could – this was the most satisfying feeling. 

We then moved onto the bigger objects. Steve recommended the printers, so we went with his professional opinion! The one we chose was a scanner/printer, with a layer of glass. Which I smashed with a baseball bat. Charlotte and I took turns, and once I had demolished the glass on the printer, Charlotte then began to dismantle it with her bat.

This had to be the most fun we have had. There were no limits when we entered the Rage Room, and we were free to pick the items of our choice, you could also pick our method of destruction; Some of the items looked easier to destroy than they actually were, and the computer screen was one of those items. We though it would be another satisfying object to watch crumble to pieces, however it was a lot stronger than we had anticipated, Charlotte and I took several hits before actually making any damage to the computer. I guess we were not as strong as we thought.. 

We had an amazing time in the Rage Room. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone seeking a quick stress-reliever; you can take all your anger out on inanimate objects and you will leave feeling truly de-stresses! It’s also very satisfying smashing glass, as this is something you have obviously been told from a young age not to do. In the rage room however, the rules are reversed, and you’re encouraged to smash objects! That’s what makes this experience so enjoyable. 

As well as the rage room, there are several different rooms with a variety of different games. Steve was kind enough to let us take in a few of them, including the augmented reality (AR) game names Hado. This was an incredible experience, and we were told that in Japan this game is played in serious competitions where the campions win lots of money! With this, Charlotte and I agreed it was time to change careers and start entering these competitions ourselves. First, we were instructed to wear the gaming googles. When wearing these we could see twisted versions of one another, and we could also see ourselves firing missiles and covering ourselves with shields. We had a small device strapped to our wrist, which we used to shoot each other. Charlotte won the first time, but I won the last two rounds… not that anyone’s counting. 

Overall, we had an amazing day. This experience is definitely out of the ordinary and makes a great  stress reliever it was also very satisfying begin able to smash the glass bottles and scanners. We would like to say a huge thank you to Steve and his team as they were all very friendly and welcoming. 


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