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It’s that time of year again! Experience Days have recently recruited two new Interns to take on our Marketing Assistant roles! We decided to ask them a few questions so we can all get to know them...

1. Tell us a little about you! 

Charlotte:Hello! Fresh from my second year at Bournemouth Uni, I’m an English student hoping to ditch the books and explore more on my placement year with Experience Days. I’ve lived local to Brighton my whole life, and am really looking forward to being back in this vibrant area - even if it does mean moving back in with my folks! 

Rina: Hey, my names Rina Nayee and I'm 21 years old. I’m a student at Bournemouth university, studying Marketing Bsc. I have just completed my 2nd year and am now on my placement year. I am located in Crawley which is not far from Brighton, it’s usually a half an hour journey by train and car. I’m really looking forward to this year as I will be able to experience new adventures while learning the ins and outs of running a small business.

2. What encouraged you to apply to Experience Days? 

Charlotte:When looking for a placement, I knew I wanted to do something that was slightly out of the ordinary and involved more than just sitting at a desk every single day. When my first day included going on an open bus tour of Brighton, I knew I’d found the right place! 

Rina: When applying for placement role I was looking for something where I would be able to develop my skills as well as gain new experience that I wouldn’t typically be able to. Experience Days was perfect for me, it allows interns to gain first hand experience of how to market a company and brand. I wanted a placement where I could challenge myself, working for Experience Days I found that the interns are given a lot of responsibility this shows that the company trusts the interns.  

3. Which experiences have caught your eye?

Charlotte: Definitely the cooking courses. Before joining the team, I had no idea the huge range of cooking and baking experiences that you could do all over the country. As a priority on my to do list, I’ll be sure to report back when I become the next Mary Berry! With Rina’s number one on her list being a skydive, I think we’re certainly going to be doing a little bit of everything.

Rina: So many! It’s hard to narrow it down to one so I have a few. I am an adrenaline junky so I think this will be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this internship and take part in something I never thought I would be able to do. I have always wanted to have a skydiving experience. Another experience that has caught my eye is the spa and a three course meal for two located in reading, A day of relaxation sounds like the perfect getaway to me! 

4. What previous experiences have you completed before working at E.D?

Charlotte: I’ve been lucky enough to have tried a few spa days and afternoon teas, which I loved! On the other end of things, I have also been indoor skydiving, and would love to go again one day.

Rina: During my holiday in Barbados I was able to take part in Jet skiing, which is one of the best experiences to date. Another one is indoor go karting, this was really fun and I haven't been in years so i’d love to go again. 

5. What skills do you have that will benefit you in your new role? Are there any you want to build on?

Charlotte: I think that working in a real office environment and working first hand with everyone here will be a fantastic way to grasp an understanding of how the business operates. With the wide range of responsibilities given to you at Experience Days I’m hopeful to build upon my confidence, creativity and more!

Rina: Throughout the years I have gained team working skills from university and previous job roles, this is a good skill as Experience Days allows interns to work together especially when you have just started working because everyone chips in to help each other, which is amazing because it creates an open environment where you can always ask for help and assistance in the office. In my time working here I would like to gain wider knowledge on how to run a small business. 

Thanks girls for completing our questions! You're both going to have an incredible time here at Experience Days - Good Luck!


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