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Escape The Vault is one of Experience Days latest and greatest additions. With 40 minutes on the clock and your getaway driver at the ready, the ultimate bank heist awaits inside one of Brighton's most vibrant coffee houses! With an interesting twist upon the traditional style of an Escape Room, we got to know this supplier by finding out how they were inspired and what makes a great escape room participant! 

What inspired the creation of Escape the Vault? 

Presuming Ed’s coffee house used to be a bank, so we thought it was only right that the Vault was restored to its original purpose. Only now, you can rob it any time you want!

What makes your escape room different to other escape rooms?

When you sign up for your heist, you are given your getaway driver’s mobile number. He sends you all your instructions via Whatsapp, and supports you with hints and clues as you progress through the puzzles. Also being set in a genuine bank vault, it feels like you really are robbing a bank with your partner in crime waiting outside. 

What is the record time for a customer to complete an escape room?

The record time was 15 minutes, completed by two couples who didn’t actually know each other before their break out robbery. They clearly knew each other well by the end! The average team takes around 40 minutes to break out with the cash. 

What makes a good escape room participant? 

A hustler, a dreamer, but ultimately a problem solver! Someone who is curious about everything, but is still willing to look at the room holistically.

I see 10% of ticket sales go to charity, which is a lovely idea! Why are Mind, Cancer Research Brighton and VYD your chosen charities? 

We like to think if we were ever to rob a bank, we’d give some of the money to charity. We work with local and national charities to support the community around us where we can, and change the charities we support every three months. Participants get to play Robin Hood, stealing from the escape room’s antagonist and giving back to those in need!

How do you come up with the riddles and puzzles? 

Our co-founder, Dan, is the brains behind the puzzles. He doesn’t like to give his secrets away…

Do you see yourselves creating more escape rooms in the future? 

Absolutely! Watch this space for mobile Escape Rooms perfect for team building & family fun. Also the vault will eventually need a refresh so that those who have already tried it can have another great experience!

What an adventure filled evening! We had an amazing time solving the clues and puzzles. A huge thank you to Will for welcoming us with open arms and allowing us to take part in the unique escape room experience. We would love to visit the escape room again, and would definitely recommend it to family and friends!


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