• MAY 22, 2013
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Last week I told you about my progress over the past few months… this week it’s time to hear it from the office. With only 18 days to go ‘til Tough Mudder (ahh, yes only 18 days) I wanted to find out how they’re really feeling…

What better way than to send out a few questions? Here’s a quick recap of our team – the six daring mudders, ready to tackle the ice baths, electric shocks, and of course… the mud!

… and here’s what they have to say about the muddy course we’re all about to tackle:

1. What training have you been doing?

Aaron: Some exercise, but mainly mental. I am of the ‘mind over matter’ ilk, and feel that so long as my brain is ready… my body will surely follow suit. I have also found some extra space on my body to store food reserves – and though I may start the race heavier, I’m sure by the end I’ll be travelling light and all the better for it. So, in short – I’d say I’ve been preparing, rather than training.

Dee: Not enough

Renata: I have been going to the gym mainly 5 times a week before work and did an hour worth of workout. This included running, push ups, sits ups, squats and so on.. Also I have been training with my colleague Jo, which made it even more fun.

Robb: Mixing up normal gym with a few more runs outside. Trying to incorporate stairs and slopes where I can… I might even start running on the pebbled beach if the sun comes out before June.

Selene: Um. A few runs. Weights! (4 kg hahaha). Protein shakes. Urm. I think that’s it. I will step it up the next few weeks!

2. How have you found the training?

Aaron: I couldn’t find the training anywhere. I looked and I looked, but couldn’t for the life of me find it. Perhaps it’s my peepers, or perhaps it’s hidden underneath my lack of desire… or perhaps if I’d spent less time preparing I may have found it.

Dee: Easy

Renata: It has been fun and the high point of my days. I will carry on doing it the same way all I will miss is my training buddy as she is going back to university soon.

Robb: Not much different to my normal exercise routine… that’s not to say it will prove effective.

Selene: Let me get back to you once I’ve stepped it up. So far, I’ve realised I prefer weights to cardio. I HATE running. Like, HATE IT. Hate it!!!

3. Do you have any concerns for Tough Mudder?

Aaron: I have numerous concerns for Tough Mudder, yes. How will they market it next year after the Extreme Element crew rock it out this year? How will the records we set ever be broken? I’m not the most caring by nature, but nobody wants to see a good thing end. I also thrive on flagellation, and without a terrifyingly daunting task ahead of me – I tend to get lazy, and do nothing but prepare…

Dee: Yes

Renata: Yes, I do. I really don’t want to jump into the ice cold water as I cannot stand cold at all!!!!! Even in the office I am always cold while the rest of the people are already warm. It will definitely make the whole experience nerve wrecking for me…

Robb: Not for myself. I’m concerned that the whole team might not come back alive. Gumtree jobs section is fairly cheap and effective though.

Selene: Yes concerned about everything. Especially the ice water and chafing and being too cold to do anything – even if I did have the strength. Which I don’t.

4.  How do you plan on celebrating after the event?

Aaron: I may turn to Theism. I will probably need divine inspiration to get me over the line, so I think if I make – it will be proof that there is a God. If not, well I will carry on my life of shameful, non-celebratory atheism. Should I finish before any of my colleagues, the celebrations will continue forever more – so I won’t feel the need to use up the tiny drops of energy I have left on the day.

Dee: By never signing up for anything so stupid ever again.

Renata: I would love to have a group photo with the people that suffered through this with me – and obviously have a few drinks so we can ease the pain in our bodies. The next few days will depend on how much pain I will be in…

Robb: Laying down. Maybe a shower.

Selene: Celebrating … Hmmm, nice warm shower, food and sleep is probably all I will be good for, provided I’m still alive.

5.  Which obstacle are you most excited to conquer?

Aaron: What?! You mean there are obstacles too? Oh jees. Well, my first obstacle was getting up and out of bed on time… I hadn’t thought much beyond that. Erm, I don’t know – the swings? The slide? **whisper whisper** ELECTRIC FENCES?! Are you ‘avin a laugh?? Crikey.

Dee: The finish line.

Renata: The whole of Tough Mudder. There are no specifics.

Robb: Mud Mile looks it comes with a certain sense of achievement.

Selene: I’m not excited about any of them. I’m dreading all of them. Attempting to scale the monkey bars will probably give everyone a laugh. Not looking forward to the electric shocks either. Hopefully at least the mud will act as a skin moisturiser, in which case I’m excited about that the most. Oh and the free food at the end. I just hope the protein bar is moist. REALLY, REALLY MOIST.

6. In the final few weeks leading up to TM how are you going to prepare?

Aaron: Well as I have already done lots of preparing, I may start doing some training. However, they say ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ – so if I don’t do any exercise until the day – I’ll be gagging for it and raring to go. I reckon I could probably squeeze a few extra pounds on somewhere around my waist or thighs too… so I may sweat it out some more in McDonald’s or Burger King.

Dee: By hoping it will just go away.

Renata: Carry on doing what I have already been doing but run more maybe even on the weekends and do more exercises that will strengthen my upper body.

Robb: I’ll be maintaining a tough mudder lifestyle for the next month to fully prepare. Namely, I won’t be showering.

Selene: Watch Rocky and start training SERIOUSLY. Protein shakes every day.


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