• MAY 30, 2013
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Love posing for photos, or know someone else that does? Well then, this brand new, sparkling experience is just what you’re looking for – a makeover and photoshoot in Liverpool! When it comes to new experiences we love to find out more so that we know we’re really giving you guys the best experience possible. This week, we caught up with Liz from Little Miss Independent to find out more.

Hi Liz, please explain your journey so far that lead you to LMI.

Hi! Well I have always taken part in beauty pageants as a contestant but I wanted to get more involved as the years went on, so initially I began by running fashion events for charities. I went on to organise beauty pageants to find contestants to run for Miss England … and LMI just grew from that really! After a while it just made sense to open a studio, this way I could offer model portfolios to the girls who ran for Miss England. Since then, we have extended out into family, baby and couples photography. I just love how modern our studio is, and we all have such fun! We have pillow fights, we play games and we try to make as much noise as possible … there’s always someone laughing.

Personally, I think that’s my favourite part of the job … all the laughter and fun we have. It really is great, we have such different clients in every day. Each client is so excited to get their turn in front of the camera. My job is to make sure they get the best experience for them, from hair and make up to their shoot and then finishing up with viewing their images.

What challenges keep you interested on a daily basis?

There is always something new and exciting going on at LMI; we have a new adventure every week. Our main aim is to find out what the client wants, have fun and do something original … this way, our ideas stay fresh, unique and keep everyone interested!

It all sounds like such fun! Now, is there any inside information you can give us?

There isn’t really an inside scoop on anything as such, but we do like to signature our shoots so no two are the same, making them all individual to each client that we get into the studio. With so many different props, products and effects, we manage to make each shoot totally unique, so it’s all down to the customer on how they want the end product to look.

Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you’d like to tell us about?  

Ahh, now that really would be telling! Keep your eyes peeled for the future…

Ooh, how intriguing! Well, thank you Liz for talking to us today and we look forward to seeing some great photos in the near future. If this is something you’re interested in for yourself or for a loved one, why not check it out:

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