• JAN 28, 2011
  • WRITTEN BY: Aaron Thomas

A guide to the top best selling vouchers this Christmas & January.

With 9 of 10 still available – why not grab a highly-rated bargain!

Now that the January Sales are coming down and Christmas is but a distant memory – we can take a quick look back at which experiences have been the most popular amongst the masses, and look forward to Valentine’s Day with an idea of which will be the romantic gifts of choice.

Top 10 Best Sellers

It wasn’t just the experiences with huge discounts that have sold the most, as only 4 of the top 10 had been reduced in price – showing that it is quality and not quantity that makes the perfect gift…

1) 2for1 Discover Indoor SkydivingThe 2for1 version was the biggest selling voucher this Christmas, as the notion of taking a friend or loved one along to enjoy the wind tunnel was just too good to turn down! It’s a fantastic starter for building up toward an actual Skydive as it gives a realistic representation…as if you’d just jumped out of a plane!

NEW – £49 – 5 Years – 2 Locations

2) Bungee Jump The standard Bungee Jump is consistently in the top 2 or 3 of our best-sellers here, as the fantastic venture into the extreme is easily accessible and provides an unforgettable and fairly unbridled adrenaline rush! Jump from a 160ft crane at any of the 7 UK locations for a guaranteed shot of adrenaline!

5 Star – £49– 14 years – 12 Locations

3) Harness Sphereing for 2 is second only to Bungee Jumping for tickets sold anually, as the fantastic buzz of Zorbing that originates from New Zealand shows no signs of fading just yet. Strap in and prepare yourself for a truly unforgettable experience as you build up speeds reaching 30mph – in a giant inflatable ball!

4 Star – £65 – 12 Years old – 14 Locations

4) The UK’s Only Bridge Bungee Jump is based up in Middlesbrough and has stood the test of time as the UK’s most famous bungee jump, making numerous television appearances and the sort. Standing in the middle of the Transporter Bridge and attached by your ankles, you will take the plunge from a glorious height of 170ft… over the river!

5 Star – £60 – 12 Years old – 14 Locations

5) Special Supercar for 1 is a consistent best-seller and is now the single most popular track driving voucher. The superb choice voucher gives the recipient a wealth of choice that includes 3 tracks and a stunning entourage of supercars to choose from, including: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin & Audi R8 – tough choice… someone’s gotta do it!

4 Star – £75 – 17 years – 3 Locations

6) Highest Bungee Jump in the UK – If the 160ft or Bridge Bungee don’t quite cut it with enough adrenaline (you’d have to be a serious junkie…) then the 300ft jump is a magnificent alternative that will ensure even the most ardent of thrill-seekers are satisfied. With 3 UK locations and a mighty 300ft crane…proceed with caution!

5 Star – £79 – 14 years – 3 Locations

7) Discover 4×4 Driving
The classic off road favourite has long been a best seller at Extreme Element, as many see the driving activity a great alternative to the Ferraris and Lamborghinis of track driving. With an altogether different set of driving laws, 4×4 driving is a great challenge and a great way to spend the day in the mud, and as ever; it was extremely popular with you gift hunters this Christmas & January.
5 Star – £47 – 18 years – 4 Locations

8 ) Stock Car Championship Racing Day is a consistently popular choice throughout the year, as the entire day is race themed and we believe you’ll have to go a long way to find a more authentic and ultimately enjoyable driving day. With a host of vehicles and a full day to drive them; the Stock Car Championship comes heavily recommended by tickets-bought alone!

5 Star – £159– 16 Years – 1 Location

9) O2 Arena Bungee Jump – The magnificent O2 Bungee combines our number one adrenaline activity with one of the most famous landmarks in the UK! Vouchers for this jump were greatly popular this Christmas and January, meaning a spot of adrenaline can be added to any trip to London! Take the plunge with the stunning & world famous O2 Arena as your one and only view!
5 Star – £75 – 14 years – 1 Location

10) Exclusive – Central London Bungee The Tower Bridge Bungee Jump is one of our special favourites here, as it also combines mass adrenaline with a visit to the Capital City! The 160ft Jump was so popular in 2009 we needed 2 cranes in 2010 (which was a Guinness World Record Breaking Year!). Vouchers sell like hot cakes all year for the annual jump, and Christmas was no different!
5 Star – £75 – 14 years – 1 Location

And there we have it, our Top Ten Guide to the best selling Christmas Gifts here at Extreme Element. With 9 out of the top 10 still available – treat someone special or even yourself to an unforgettable experience day tinged with adrenaline. The volume and customer ratings speak for themselves; so why not give a shot of adrenaline this Valentine’s Day instead of a teddy & chocolates!


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