• SEP 27, 2010
  • WRITTEN BY: Aaron Thomas

We did it, we set the Guinness World Record!

September 26th, 4pm saw James Field break the Guinness World Record for the most Bungee Jumps in 60 minutes by one person!

After weeks of planning and preparation, Extreme Element, the UK Bungee Club, Guinness World Records and James himself created a piece of history at this year’s London Rat Race by smashing the 19 jump record with an incredible 42 jumps! That works out at 1 jump per 1min 25secs!

An eager crowd filled with news reporters, Bungee Jumpers, Rat Race runners and those with a general interest watched and cheered as James leaped from the 160ft crane time and again, setting a new fantastic Guinness World Record.

After our Pre-Record Interview with James, we managed to catch up with the daredevil himself after his record breaking hour. Here is what he had to say of the day:

Hi James, brilliant well done for this weekend’s achievement – you must be very proud!

So, how does it feel to be e Guinness World Record holder?

Absolutely brilliant, I’m very proud of the record and what we achieved – it was fantastic day. I have had lots of people congratulating me and getting in touch, it’s all been a bit surreal.

How have you found the reaction of everybody (news, press etc) is it more than you expected?

A lot more than expected. The story has literally gone around the world! I have had emails and text messages from friends in Germany, Australia and New Zealand as we made the national news there. I have also been sent links to news stories in India, Italy and the USA…which has been amazing.

Was there a point where you thought you’d bitten off more than you could chew?

Yes at one point I wasn’t feeling too good, about 15 jumps in the ropes had caused me to spin quite fast and it happened on 3 consecutive jumps, which caused me to feel a little nauseous and it took a while for me to get over that. Towards the end I got into a rhythm and just kept going.

Was the strain hard to handle? You were really going for it…

Yes before we started with the attempt we got the team together and we decided we were really going to go for it. We wanted to smash the previous record and create something that would be hard to beat! Scott the Jump Master in the cage kept asking me if I was OK, and I told him I’d let him know if I wasn’t and to just keep throwing me out!

Do you think anyone could break this record? Could you?

I think the record will be really tough to beat. On the day of the event I was up for it and the ground crew were exceptional, we had a top team. Kevin the crane driver was just awesome in bringing me down and the rope changes were so quick and slick, I doubt anybody will break the record anytime soon!

A big well done for everybody else that was involved in this magnificent record, the team on the day were:

Scott Mathers – Jump Master (Guy in the cage made sure James was 100% safe before each jump)

Andy Ridell – Ground Controller (Ran the ground crew and was in charge of all safety checks)

Amos Bradley – Connections (Headed up all the rope changes)

Dave Pearson – Landing Crew

Cassandra Marillier – Landing Crew

Kevin Bennison – Crane Driver (The skill behind the record attempt!)

Watch this space throughout today and this week for more information, interviews and photos of the brilliant achievement!


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