• NOV 19, 2010
  • WRITTEN BY: Aaron Thomas

The Christmas Rush well under way and the majority of vouchers flying out of the office here are leaving with merry messages for the festive period…

With a great choice of special offers and new experiences featuring heavily in our jam-packed Christmas Category, you’d be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed or lost for too much choice; so here are the top ten as voted for by you, the public!

Bungee Jumping1 – Bungee Jumps are our biggest and best selling experiences by some distance. With 7 locations for the 160ft Jump and 2 for the Highest Bungee Jump in the UK – why not treat them to an unforgettable day out and a huge shot of adrenaline…especially with the Central London Bungee next to Tower Bridge!

5 Star – £49-£75 – 14 years – 12 Locations

Zorbing, Sphereing2 – Harness Sphereing for 2 is second only to Bungee Jumping for tickets sold here, as the fantastic buzz of Zorbing that originates from New Zealand shows no signs of fading just yet. Strap in and prepare yourself for a truly unforgettable experience as you build up speeds reaching 30mph – in a giant inflatable ball!

4 Star – £65 – 12 Years old – 14 Locations

Indoor Skydiving3 – 2for1 Discover Indoor Skydiving has sent the already extreme popularity of Indoor Skydiving into over-drive this Christmas as more and more tickets are sold everyday for this brilliant bargain. Experience the perfect replication of Skydiving as if you’d just jumped out of a plane! And, with this awesome Christmas special; they can take a friend (you) with them for free!

NEW – £49 – 5 Years – 2 Locations

ZapCat Experience4 – ZapCat Special vouchers became a best seller nearly as quickly as the powerful RIB launches off a wave six feet in the air! The offshore rescue boats were discovered to be far too much fun to be used solely for rescue and were turned into a racing series, and at just £49; the only thing more pleasing than 3G in the turns and hitting 0-50mph in 3 seconds is the price!

NEW – £49 – 16years – 1 locations

Supercar Track Days5 – Special Supercar for 1 has been a popular best seller all year as it gives them the choice of dream car at three different locations. The lucky recipient can decide over a range of the finest supercars including: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin & Audi R8 – tough choice!

4 Star – £75 – 17 years – 3 Locations

Stock Car Championship6 – Stock Car Championship Racing Day is a consistently popular choice, as the entire day is race themed and we believe you’ll have to go a long way to find a more authentic and ultimately enjoyable driving day. With a host of vehicles and a full day to drive them; the Stock Car Championship comes heavily recommended.

5 Star – £159– 16 Years – 1 Location

Tandem Skydive7 Tandem Skydive is the ultimate of the extreme experiences, as the fantastic combination of freefall, fear and floating has long created one of the most desirable feelings known to man. The intense adrenaline rush of the reaching terminal velocity before deploying the chute for an unforgettable descent back to Earth is truly one of the ‘must-dos’ in life, and what better Christmas present than to cross one off the list?!
5 Star – £250 – 16 Years – 5 Locations

Track Days8 – 1500bhp Thrill is the perfect choice if you can’t decide which supercar your petrol-head would rather drive. Why not spoil them to a lavish feast of power (1500bhp in fact) and give them half a day to decide which they’d rather drive (having sampled them all!) No choosing here, just plain driving, in a: Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini & Aston Martin – the perfect gift for any petrol head!

4 Star – £179 – 18 Years – 2 Locations

Aerobatic Flying9 – Fly With a Fighter Pilot is the most popular of the Aerobatic Flying and makes for a truly wonderful and ultimately unforgettable Christmas present, as the mixture of thrilling aerobatics, adrenaline and heavy G-Force is up there with the most premium of experiences. With an ex-RAF pilot sat behind and guiding the lucky recipient’s controlled moves, they’ll be flying, spinning, looping and much more on this stunningly brilliant experience!
5 Star – £199 – 16 Years – 1 Location

Quad Biking Experience10 – Quad Biking is one of the most enjoyable and accessible ways of enjoying the world of off road driving, as just about everybody loves the twist-and-go nature of the sit down vehicle on four wheels! With 5 locations to choose from, the Quad Biking experience is sure to suit just about any experience and makes a great stocking filler.

5 Star – £47 – 12 Years – 5 Locations

And there we have it, our Top Ten Guide to the best selling Christmas Gifts here at Extreme Element. There are some great bargains in there for nearly any adrenaline junkie, and on nearly any budget!

If you’re looking to add that extra dimension to their Christmas gift this year, why not add an Ex Pack for just £9.99! The funky presentable box comes with a T-Shirt, Stickers, Lanyard, Experience Voucher & Details, Free Post & Free Gift Wrapping if you select it!


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