• NOV 30, 2010
  • WRITTEN BY: Aaron Thomas

The weekend just gone was one of the coldest in a good long while, culminating in Saturday proving the most chilly November night for 25 years!

Surely no time to be out enjoying a high-octane activity you ask? Well, no – quite the contrary in fact!

The Extreme Element team aren’t deterred by a little bit of cold, oh no – not when it comes to what we consider to be the ultimate in adrenaline pumping experiences. This Saturday saw a few of us try our hand at Skydiving, arriving at the airfield at a frosty 8am for what was to be a truly unforgettable day.

As the snow blanketed the floor and the bitterly cold air turned to steam with every breath, we stood around watching and waiting our turn as groups of around 10 bravely jumped from 13 thousand feet and created a fantastic aerial display for us at ground level.

In amongst the fear, excitement and anxiety, we managed to get ourselves fully kitted out and briefed before making our way to the plane where we nervously sat between the legs of our instructors. Looking out of the window we took in the stunning views of below and eventually made our way up to the unfathomable height of 13 thousand feet, where we eagerly awaited the hatch opening and the hand signal from the instructors. One by one the person in front rolled forward and out, entering the craziest and most surreal 8 minutes of our entire lives!

If it was cold at ground level, its hard to describe just how it felt to have -19oc air blasting in our faces for a 5 thousand foot descent, lasting more than 30 seconds!

After the free-fall came a fantastic 8 minutes of spins & turns, coupled with an unbridled view of the picturesque ground below, which appeared like a cartoon patch-work duvet… and luckily for us was covered in snow!

With the temperature of the weekend and the nature of what we did, we feel that there is very little we can’t do in this weather.

Check our Guide of activities to do in this weather for our recommendations, otherwise we would suggest that these experiences actually benefit from the cold:

1) Bungee Jump (5 Star Customer Rating)
Bungee Jumping never gets old, so making the crazy leap in this weather would just crank up the ‘Extreme-ness’ in a similar way to Skydiving.
Availability: Year Round – Age Limit: 14 – Price £49-£150

2)Fly With a Fighter Pilot (5 Star Customer Rating)
Aerobatic Flying is one of the most extreme and memorable experiences available today. You’ll be flying with an ex-RAF pilot, pulling barrel rolls, loop the loop and much more…which in this weather would include glorious views of the ground below!
Availability: Year Round – Age Limit: 16– Price £199

3) Discover Jet Ski Session (4.5 Star Customer Rating)
The fantastically manoeuvrable motorbikes of the Water are superb fun and make for a great afternoon out. Suit up in one of the provided wetsuits and experience around 1 hour of high octane, high speed high splashing fun!
Availability: April-Nov – Age Limit: 14 – Price £45

4) High Ropes Course (Recommended)
It was the weekend before last that the Extreme Element Team spent the day on a high ropes course, and what a fantastic day it was! Swinging through trees and zipping hundreds of metres through the canopies – we had a great time in the cold and 30feet in the air!
Availability: Year Round – Age Limit: 10 – Price £40

Aside from the in-water experiences (anyone brave enough for surfing etc. deserves a medal) most of our experiences gain a great bit of differentiation in the cold, adding a new element of adrenaline and bravery to the already daring activities.

So, there we have it – No excuses; get up and get out enjoying the weather with an extra tinge of adrenaline!


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