• MAY 29, 2015
  • WRITTEN BY: Poppy Hatrick

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The UK’s capital has always got something exciting to offer, and here at Experience Days we‘ve filtered down some of the best and most unique activities for you to check out. We cater to a wide range of customers including; couples, children, families and groups of friends. So why not try something you’ve never done before and enjoy the beautiful weather as we approach June.

40_2First on the list is Harness Zorbing for 2. Harness Sphering originates from Australia and is definitely a must do on most people’s wish lists. The experience is fairly extreme, as you are strapped into a 12 foot inflatable ball facing your partner. The Sphere is like nothing you’ve ever seen, consisting of 2 chambers- the outer and the inner chamber. The layer between the shells is solely a cushion of air which measures up to 3ft (0.9m), giving you that incredible bounce as you begin to roll down the hill. As you flip upside down continuously at a speed of up to 30 mph you may start to feel a bit dizzy but the adrenaline will definitely start pumping. What are you waiting for? Literally get the ball rolling and buy a gift voucher today!

4118_1London is famous for its rapid public transport system as one of the fastest and most efficient ways to travel in the whole of Europe, (you can get from Victoria to Camden in about half an hour). The underground or ‘The Tube’ is the oldest system of its kind with its doors first opening in 1890. The Transit system covers a phenomenal ground of around 402 km, with 11 lines and 270 stations served. It can be argued that you can’t visit London without going on the Tube! This Underground Treasure Hunt for two showcases the undergrounds rich history. The hunt begins with the meeting of the master where your journey will start. Once equipped with your Treasure Hunt pack you have 2 hours to figure out clues and complete your challenges. Watch the clock, clues and Agent Orange- who may attempt to sabotage the mission. This is an awesome experience day that certainly has a mysterious twist!

3703_4We are fast approaching June and the weather is looking more glorious by the day, so why not take advantage of the changing weather and see London by foot, visiting Buckingham Palace and some picturesque parks. The Parks and Palaces London Jogging Tour is a chance to gently visit some of London’s famous landmarks – available for all fitness levels and all ages, you and your group pace yourself as you travel round the vibrant life of London. Exciting sites that you can expect to visit include: the Horse Guard Parade for the Changing of the Guard, as well as the luscious grounds of St James Park, The Queen’s home – Buckingham Palace – Serpentine Lake, the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain and finally the beautiful Kensington Gardens, where the tour comes to an end. So if you’re looking for an active exploration of London then put on your trainers and limber up for this perfect day out!

2238_2Take the handbrake off and step on the gear pedal with this authentic gravel track half day rally experience! This London Half Day Rally Experience can only be described as fun, fast and furious as you reach speeds of 0-60mph in 6.8 seconds. The day will begin with a welcoming and a quick safety briefing and information on your vehicle for the day- a Ford Escort RS200 – by your expert instructor. Then the fun will truly begin as you rev the engine around the track, experimenting with some extreme manoeuvres, including; full power slides, under and over steer control, and some sharp handbrake turns. This full throttle experience will last approximately 3.5 hours (half a day) and will have you pining to grab the steering wheel once more. This experience is sure to impress the most enthusiastic of drivers, as soon as the key is turned and the engine begins to roar!

Steer your way away from the hustle and bustle of London and escape on a fabulous activity day out. London is packed with fun days outs and we have merely only selected a few products that we offer on our site! Click here to see what more our most popular metro area has to offer.




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