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Experiencing the world from up in the air is a remarkable feeling, and the views are incomparable to anything you could ever encounter on the ground. Most people have flown in a commercial plane on the way to a holiday, but it’s safe to say that it doesn’t come close to the sensation of flying in a helicopter. You’ll have a much closer and clearer view as you whizz around the local sights. The UK Midlands are full of exciting landmarks to see from the sky, so we’ve compiled a list of all the best helicopter tours we could find and where to buy them.

Whether you’re from the area or not, the Midlands has a wide range of sights to see, including big city, historical and peaceful countryside tours. So, keep on reading to discover some of the best helicopter trips you can find across the East and West Midlands.



Iron Bridge, Severn & Bridgenorth Helicopter Tour

This twenty-minute helicopter flight is the best way to see Shropshire’s greatest landmarks. Whether you’re a local or from out of town, this flight will allow you to see Shropshire like never before. So, what are the best things to see in Shropshire?

1.       The River Severn

The River Severn is the largest river in Great Britain, and the second largest in the United Kingdom. Its total length comes in at 220 miles and it runs from the Plynlimon mountain range in Wales to the Severn Estuary in Gloucestershire. With this tour you’ll follow the river as it runs through the Shropshire countryside.

2.       Severn Valley Railway

The Severn Valley Railway is a heritage attraction railway that runs for a total of 16 miles from Shropshire to Worcestershire. With this flight, you’ll get to watch the trains pass on the tracks below before you fly off to explore more of Shropshire.  

3.       Dudmaston Hall

Dudmaston Hall is a national trust protected country house dating from the 17th century, located in the Severn Valley. The local village of Quatt was designed in 1870 for the workers of the huge country estate (so you’ll have no problem spotting it from the sky).

4.       Ironbridge

On this sightseeing tour, you’ll get to see the first Iron Bridge ever built. Erected over the River Severn in the 18th century, it was revolutionary in terms of design and construction. 

5.       Bridgnorth

Split in two by the River Severn, the quaint historical town of Bridgnorth is a must see from the skies as well as the ground!

Worcestershire & Herefordshire

Malvern Hills Helicopter Tour for Three

This 30-minute sightseeing tour of the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire from Heli Air is simply breath-taking. The tour boasts dramatic views of the natural landscape, as well as the magnificent Eastnor Castle. At less than £100 per person, you’ll be getting your money’s worth. The Malvern Halls cover most of western Worcestershire, so trust us when we say there’s a lot to see here. You could spend the whole day on the walking trails, or you could see it all from the sky in half an hour. I know which I’d prefer! Moving on to Herefordshire, you’ll even get to explore Eastnor Castle. Established in the late 16th century and revived in the 19th, the estate was designed to replicate one of the medieval castles guarding the welsh borders and looks like something straight out of a fairy tale.


Dam Buster Sightseeing Flight

A tour for all the history buffs out there. This sightseeing tour explores the areas that the British RAF trained for Operation Chastise (attacking German dams) in 1943 during World War II. The attacks were a strategic success, causing serious flooding in towns across South East Germany.

Although the Dam Busters are an interesting bonus, this tour isn’t just for the history lovers. With incredible landmarks and outstanding views of the peak district, anyone can enjoy this tour. Some of the top sights you’ll get to see with this tour include:

1.       Chatsworth House

In past years, Chatsworth House has been voted Britain’s best stately home, and it’s clear to see why. The home of the Duke of Devonshire is situated along the River Derwent and amongst the hills, this building is an astonishing sight to see from above. 

2.       Mam Tor

Mam Tor is a large hill in the Derbyshire peak district. The name literally translates to “mother hill”. The hill is thought to have been used as a fort dating back to as early as 1200 BC.

3.       Lady Bower Reservoir/Derwent Valley

This is the main spot the Dam Busters used to train before their attack on Germany. You will get to experience exactly that the World War II soldiers did all those years ago as you soar above Derwent Valley, and you can take it from me, the reservoir ‘plughole’ is better viewed from overhead.  


West Midlands

Wolverhampton Helicopter Buzz Flight

We thought we’d give you something a little different for the West Midlands. A helicopter buzz flight is the perfect experience for someone who isn’t a keen flyer, but desperately wants to tick it off from their list and face that fear. This Wolverhampton buzz flight allows the passengers a quick 5-minute flight, before heading back to the ground. At £35 per person, this flight is ideal for first time fliers, who want to test the experience out before splashing out on a longer sightseeing tour.


Warwick Castle Helicopter Tour for Three

This 15-minute tour by Heli Air is the picture-perfect way to see Warwickshire. You’ll journey across the countryside to the stunning Warwick Castle. You’ll pass over Stratford Upon Avon, the beautiful medieval town and birthplace of the famous playwright William Shakespeare. You might even spot the Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare and his family are buried. Warwick castle itself is positioned on the bank of the River Avon, which makes for a spectacular view. The castle was originally built in 1068 by William the Conqueror, although at that time it was constructed completely from wood. It was then rebuilt using stone in 1260 and has been a key factor in many historical events since, including the battle of the roses.   


Helicopter Flight Tour of Nottingham

Moving on to Nottinghamshire and our first big city tour. There are a lot of top sights to catch in this fifteen-minute excursion, so make sure you’re paying close attention! From an astounding 1000ft vantage point, you’ll get to see Nottingham in a new and unbelievable way. Make sure you look out for these top attractions:

1.       Nottingham Castle

Located on ‘Castle Rock’ this unique city castle is a must see for tourists, and has been rebuilt twice since its original construction in the middle ages.

2.       Holme Pierrepont & Nottingham Marina

A beautiful country park, leading on to the Nottingham Marina. The vast expanse of parkland and water makes for an outstanding view from the sky.

3.       Wollaton Hall

An Elizabethan country home, located on a small hill just outside Nottingham city centre, this building is now used as Nottingham’s natural history museum.

4.       Sporting Grounds

This tour has not just one sporting arena, but two! The Trent Bridge Cricket Grounds and of course The City Ground stadium, home to Nottingham Forest F.C. If you’re a football fan, the incredible aerial views of the home ground will probably be the highlight of the flight!


Leicester City Skyline Tour

With this skyline city tour from FlyHeli, you’ll get to check out some of the tallest buildings Leicester has to offer. We assure you it’ll be hard to miss the Cardinal Telephone Exchange, Leicester Cathedral, Thames Tower and the New Walk Centre. Alongside the city skyline, any sports fan will be in their element with this tour. You’ll of course fly over the famous King Power Stadium, home of Leicester City F.C., as well as Welford Road rugby stadium, home to the Leicester Tigers, Leicester Racecourse, Leicestershire Country Cricket Club and Saffron Lane Sports Centre. And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s even more to see on this 20-minute flight. Expect to see famous landmarks such as the National Space Centre with its unique architecture and its neighbour the Abbey Plumbing Station.


60 Minute Gyrocopter Experience – Silverstone

Okay, okay, so this one isn’t technically a helicopter tour - but hear us out. This 60-minute gyrocopter flight is unlike anything you could imagine. So, what is a gyrocopter? The flying mechanisms are very similar to that of a helicopter, using an above and back propeller to generate lift. The open topped, two-seater aircraft is essentially a helicopter without a roof. The aircraft will allow you to fly amongst nature as you tour the sights of Northamptonshire in this unique way. Plus, it’s sure to impress all your less-daring friends. What you see on the tour is completely up to you. You’ll be able to request which landmarks interest you the most, so that you and your instructor can create the best tour based on you. Some of the possibilities include Silverstone Formula 1 track, the Porsche Driving Centre, The Rockingham Oval, WWII bomber sites, Cold War nuclear bases, Test Centres and various missile bases. You’ll feel as free as a bird as you weightlessly soar through the sky, the wind on your face and the world at your feet.


15 Minute Skegness Heli-Buzz

With the option of 5-minute, 15-minute and 30-minute flight times, Central Helicopters offer a Skegness tour for everyone. Skegness was originally a fishing village and small port. These days, it is better known as a massive holiday destination for brits across the country, often being referred to as ‘Costa del Skeg’ and ‘Skegvagas’. The seaside resort town sees record numbers of beach goers every year, and the busy beach is an astounding sight to take in from the sky. There’s more to see than just the beach, and some of the famous landmarks you can look forward to spotting on your helicopter tour are the Dimond Jubilee Clock Tower and the Skegness Pier.


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We hope we’ve showed you that the Midlands have a lot to offer when it comes to helicopter flights. If you’re interested in flying for the first time, why don’t you check out our blog post, What to Expect from a HelicopterFlight? If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, you can browse through all the flying experiences we have to offer here.


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