• MAY 21, 2012
  • WRITTEN BY: Aaron Thomas

To celebrate the launch of our brand new cake baking experience days in London, we caught up with Sweet Revenge owner Sara Osborne to discuss all things cupcake decorating! From her journey so far to what you can learn on one of these sweet and satisfying classes, read on to discover how cake decorating is becoming more and more popular on the experience market…

Hi Sara, thanks for talking to us today. So how did you get into cupcake making?

Baking has always been a passion of mine and the ultimate dream was to have my own shop. I started baking as an addition to my other business, as I already had a commercial kitchen. I began supplying a few local businesses and soon realised my cakes were a hit. The orders kept increasing so I employed a couple of bakers to help with demand. I wanted to sell my cakes in my own shop so I opened Sweet Revenge Cupcake Bakery in Kingston soon after, and haven’t looked back since.

How long have you been baking, and have you always been based where you are now?

All my life I’ve enjoyed baking and I’ve always been a massive foodie. I’ve run various businesses and been my own boss since I was 23, I grew up around west London so I suppose I always knew my current business would be based here.

Are the experiences and classes your primary business, or do you sell your creations too?

The classes have been a natural progression, born from the bakery and have become a very popular and substantial part of our company. However we also make wedding cakes, celebration cakes and cupcakes which you can buy over the counter from our café in Kingston-upon-Thames, 7 days a week.

What is the largest / most exciting order you have ever completed?

Once we had an order from a very large bank in Canary Wharf, They wanted 1500 Easter themed cupcakes. We had to bake them in one day! We were up all night and by the end everyone was sick of the sight of Easter bunnies and Easter eggs!

Do you take inspiration from any other bakers or artists? / Where do you get your ideas?

We are always watching our competitors and involve ourselves heavily with the baking industry and its main players, its all part of running the business. Ideas are everywhere you just have to keep your eyes open. Plus we obviously have to try and test everything we sell, which is the best part about the job!

What is your ‘signature dish’ – and do you have any specialities of your own?

We pride ourselves on the large selection of cupcakes we offer in our shop every week. We have 18 different flavours, all of them have been created here, some include: Strawberry Shortcake, Lemon Zest, Blueberry Cheesecake, Praline & Chocolate, Banoffee & Oreo Cookie Crunch. Plus we have a different special cupcake flavour every month, we don’t want our regular customers to get bored!

What would you say is the best thing about your cupcake creation classes?

I think currently home baking is undergoing a revival. Those people who love to bake at home also want to learn some tricks of the trade and develop their skills. All my teachers are professionals in their field. What I get most from people who come to our courses is that they love learning some of our secrets. Plus we have the perfect locations to hold the courses. We had one lady who after attending one of our baking courses and a cupcake decorating course, made her own wedding cake!

What could someone expect to learn on the class, and could they recreate that at home?

Everything they learn can be replicated in their own homes. We specifically offer advice on the best places to buy the equipment, ingredients and decorations. Plus we have a range of courses for all skill levels from basic to advanced so there’s really something for everyone.


The industry is always changing and our courses reflect that. There is always new trends with cake designs and we are constantly experimenting with new flavours. Its what keeps the business all so exciting!

Excellent! Thanks for talking to us today Sara. If you’d like to get your fingers stuck into some cake making classes in London, check out our newly launched experiences here:

Cupcake Decorating Class London
This fantastic cupcake decorating class will not only get you in the kitchen with some hands-on cake decorating practice, but will also equip you with the skills for future home-baking sessions! …and the best thing is, you can take home your creations to share with you, yourself and on your own!

£59 – Kingston Upon Thames – 3 Hours

Cake Pops Baking and Decorating Class London
Enjoy a sticky session in the cafe creating the latest craze from the US! With crumbled cake and layers of delicious buttercream, then dipped in beligian chocolate you’ll be creating the stickiest treats… on a stick!

£59 – Kingston Upon Thames – 3 Hours

Baking Master Class London

Get stuck into the whole patisserie process as you prepare, perfect and polish off your own creations! With expert guidance on hand throughout, you’ll learn the tips and techniques behind cake baking – and then how to professionally decorate it to look as good as it tastes!

£120 – Kingston Upon Thames – 6 Hours


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